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March 2016

Product Update

We have exciting updates this month that make Searchspring easier to use. There is also new functionality coming for the Merchandising and Insights Suites.


  • Users can now manage indexing email notifications
  • Bulk Merchandising is now in beta
  • We’re updating the Index Status page
  • There’s a new Revenue Insights report in the works
  • We fixed a bug in Visual Merchandising that sometimes duplicates products

If you have any feedback regarding new features, or would like to preview a feature in Beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

New: Indexing Notification Emails

There is a new feature under My Account that enables users to manage their email notifications related to automatic indexing operations. Previously, only account owners or technical users would receive an email when indexes were successfully updated. Now any user can enable or disable notifications for successful and failed indexing operations.

Improved: Error Messages and Current Index Status

To make it more obvious, the SMC header on every page is being updated to show when an index is actively running, successfully completed, or failed due to a data error:

Index Status Header

Additionally, confusing error messages in the SMC are more clear and the reported index status is more accurate now.

New: Bulk Merchandising (beta)

Merchandising Beta

We are prototyping and validating a new Bulk Merchandising feature for Visual Merchandising.  This feature enables users to quickly add lots of products to landing pages.  These campaigns are useful for promotion pages that don’t make sense to create as a category page.

This feature is now in private beta with several fashion and apparel retailers on our Relevancy Platform.  To preview the new feature, or request access to the beta, please contact your customer success manager.

New: Index Status Page (alpha)

The Index Status page in the SMC is being redesigned to provide better visibility into Searchspring’s data feed acquisition and indexing processes. Keep an eye out for the new version!


Old Index Status


New Index Status

New: Revenue Insights (alpha)

revenue insights

Revenue Insights is a new feature that will show users how Searchspring features contribute to conversion and revenue. This is helpful to understand which features are helping site visitors / shoppers complete their purchases.

Revenue Insights is still in {alpha} stage which means it is only visible to Searchspring employees for internal testing.  This month’s update adds Product Recommendations to the list of features. We now show conversion data for Search, Navigation, and Recommendations. The update also includes formatting and layout improvements based on internal user feedback.

To preview the new Revenue Insights report and provide feedback, please connect with your Customer Success Manager.

Fixed: Duplicate products in Visual Merchandising

In some instances, products would duplicate themselves in Visual Merchandising. This is now fixed.

Improved: Deleted Merchandising Campaigns

Merchandising campaigns sometimes remain even after being deleted.  We made enhancements to ensure these campaigns will be deleted going forward.

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Searchspring has merged with Nextopia!!! Click here for all the details!