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Live Indexing

Your Time is Valuable. So Are Your Conversion Rates. Reach Your Goals Faster.
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In today’s world, everyone wants immediate gratification. We want on-demand movies, products delivered faster, food brought to our doorstep, and immediate downloads of music and books. Everything is literally at our fingertips. 

So why should you wait for your ecommerce site to update?

Now you don’t have to. Searchspring clients who are on the Shopify platform* and are on the Expert Level pricing tier get the real-time satisfaction they deserve with Live Indexing. Not on Shopify? No worries. Ecommerce sites on other platforms at the Expert Level pricing tier index up to 24 times a day. 

With Live Indexing, updated product information is displayed faster – which further ensures that the right product gets in front of the right person at the right time


*Please check with your Customer Success Manager for more information about this feature and to confirm eligibility.

How Does Live Indexing Work?

Let’s Start With the Basics: Indexing

Before getting into Live Indexing, we need to understand what indexing is. Basically, indexing is how your ecommerce site gets updated. When your site “indexes”, it means Searchspring is grabbing product information and pushing changes to the live site. 

Live Indexing means this push happens in 7 minutes or less automatically. 

Merchants who are eligible for Live Indexing are able to display product updates and price changes, and ensure inventory is up-to-date faster. This is especially helpful during high-volume shopping periods such as a flash sale or Black Friday. 

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