Infrastructure Sub-Processors

Searchspring operates worldwide infrastructure in co-location and server hosting facilities of our infrastructure partners together with industry leading cloud service providers. Searchspring owns and controls logical access to the infrastructure maintained by the entities set forth below, while these entities maintain the physical security of the servers, network and the data center.

Entity Name Entity Type Corporate Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Service Provider United States
Google, LLC Cloud Service Provider United States
Microsoft Corporation Cloud Service Provider United States


Service Specific Sub-Processors

Searchspring works with certain third-parties to provide a specific functionality within its Services. These third- parties are Sub-Processors with limited use indicated below and access to Service Data in order to provide the relevant functionality.

Entity Name Entity Type Corporate Location
Databricks Databricks is a cloud-based data platform utilized by our team for big data analytics and artificial intelligence. It processes datasets and analytical results, including product data, shopper behavior data and computational queries. United States
DataDog DataDog provides a comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform used by our team to improve the observability of our infrastructure and applications. This includes metrics, traces, and logs to help us troubleshoot, secure, and optimize performance issues. United States
Guru Guru is an internal knowledge management platform utilized by our team for storing, accessing, and sharing knowledge. United States
Intercom, Inc. Intercom provides user tracking and user messaging tools to software developers. Searchspring leverages Intercom to track usage and message users inside the Searchspring management console. Intercom has access to authorized user email addresses, IPs, user agents and cookies. United States
PagerDuty PagerDuty provides monitoring and alerting services to our infrastructure and engineering teams. PagerDuty processes internal log messages and sends email or smartphone alerts that may include Service Data or Service Personal Data. United States
Sendgrid SendGrid provides email delivery services. Searchspring leverages SendGrid to send internal and customer email notifications. SendGrid receives user email addresses that need to be notified by Searchspring and processes messages that may contain Service Data or Service Personal Data. United States
Slack Slack is a real-time communication tool used by our team for collaboration, information sharing, and workflow coordination. It enables instant messaging, file sharing, and integration with other software tools we use. United States
TitanHQ TitanHQ provides an email encryption solution used by our team to secure email communication and protect sensitive information. The primary information TitanHQ has access to involves the metadata of the emails being encrypted and potentially the email contents themselves during the encryption process. United States
Zendesk Zendesk is a customer support platform used by our team, accessing customer contact details and support interactions to facilitate service. It accesses customer contact information and supports interaction data, including queries and communication content. United States


Last Updated: February 8, 2024