July 2014

Product Update

Introducing Saluki

  • Saluki is the codename for the new SearchSpring backend platform. It’s our best version yet, with blazing fast indexing speeds and new search, merchandising & navigation features.
  • Stay tuned for new feature announcements and product updates.

SearchSpring Management Console (SMC)

  • Updated the default search config for new sites to be smarter out of the box.
  • Updated the login page.
  • Prevent a web browser’s password auto-fill from overwriting credentials on Data Feed page.
  • We now minify and compress users’ CSS assets automatically.

Product Recommendations

  • Product recommendations are now smarter then ever! Suggestions now incorporate a test-and-learn algorithm that optimizes recommendations over time based on experimentation and implicit user feedback.
  • To accomplish this, we’ve migrated our data mining processes over to a new data mining platform which means we can process more data, with more complex analysis more efficiently then ever before.

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