January 2015

Product Update

Feature Updates

Magento: Added User IP, User Agent and Referrer information to SearchSpring API requests. This will allow us to better track bots, removing unwarranted visits and queries in the Magento module.


  • Added the External Fields Document Filter
  • Added the Power Reviews Document Filter
  • Added the ability to disable IntelliSuggest®

Visual Merchandising: Added the ability to remove a product in Visual Merchandising. Users can now create completely custom product display for shopper’s searches.
merchandising campaign

Squashed Bugs

Saluki: Fixed an issue with merchandising campaigns triggering intermittently. An example would be if you set up a merchandising campaign on your shirts category and elevated a green shirt to the top of results. If someone went to your shirts category and then filtered for the color blue you would not want that green shirt to still be elevated in the results. You wouldn’t want it in the results at all.

Visual Merchandising (Saluki Users Only)

  • Added: ability to remove products from merchandising
    ability to remove products
  • Added: Ability to search for all products. For adding items to top results within the merchandising campaign set up
    merchandising campaign set up

Other Features

  • Added: Simple authentication to our Magento module. This protects our customers product data with an option more widely supported than OAuth
    custom options capability to data feeds
  • Added: Custom options capability to data feeds for 3dCart customers. This allows SearchSpring to do more custom work around product variations

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