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IntelliSuggest Search

An Intelligent Search Solution to Feature High-Performing Products for High-Performing Conversion Rates
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Put the products that get the most engagement where they’ll be found right away for higher conversions. IntelliSuggest Search gets the most searched items to the top of search results pages by gathering engagement data on each search query. Your top 250 queries have their own unique set of products boosted based on engagement data from other shoppers who searched for the same term.

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“Our native search just wasn’t powerful enough. We needed a solution that would deliver the best results for our customers and make it as quick and easy as possible for them to find what they’re looking for. Searchspring is a great partner for that.”

– Cameron Parker, Head of Brand, Hat Club
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How Does IntelliSuggest Search Work?

Figuring Out Customer Behavior

Once Searchspring IntelliSuggest Tracking is on your site, we begin to record customer behavior data. Every click that comes from a product listing page, every time a customer views a product or their cart, and every purchase made. We use this data to analyze the customer’s behavior to gain insights and use this information on automated algorithms, insights, and more. 


Intelligent Ecommerce Elevations

The core benefit you’ll gain is our automatic IntelliSuggest Elevations. As its name suggests, Searchspring pushes 10 products to the top of the results for your 250 most popular search terms.


Context is Important

IntelliSuggest Elevations are specific to each search query, so product elevations are based only on how customers interact with products on that exact search. This results in the most relevant products being elevated.

For example, imagine a customer searches “trendy shirt”. Your store has a highly-engaged-with shirt that has an interesting design, so we automatically push that product to the top of the page when people search for “trendy shirt”.

On the other hand, customers searching for “comfortable shirt” are most engaged with a plain cotton shirt. Searchspring pushes that plain cotton shirt to the top of the page when people search for “comfortable shirt”. 

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