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Personalize the Complete Customer Journey with Searchspring + Dotdigital

Why not keep a good thing going? Ensure your customers remain engaged pre and post-purchase with tailored product recommendations delivered straight to their inbox.

Enhance your Dotdigital email campaigns with highly personalized product recommendations

Easily integrate your Searchspring and Dotdigital solutions to create individualized experiences based on shopper behavior. 

Leverage customer data, purchase history, and search queries to make relevant, personalized product suggestions from your site straight to their inboxes.

How It Works:

  • A shopper visits your website to browse pages and products
  • Searchspring’s personalization algorithm makes product recommendations based on the shopper’s intent
  • Dotdigital provides a flow and template so that brands can display personalized product recommendations in the shopper’s email and SMS touchpoints

Ready to see what Searchspring + Dotdigital can do for you?

Drive Amazing Ecommerce Shopping Experiences:
→ Powerful, Relevant On-Site Search & Product Discovery
→ Behavior Based, Data-Driven Personalization
→ Easy-to-Use Merchandising That Puts You in Control