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Insights & Reporting Features

Searchspring Makes Reporting Easy With Features From the Insights & Reporting Suite

Insights & Reporting Features to Take Your Ecommerce Site to the Next Level

Category Insights 

Analyze how shoppers interact with category pages on your site through Category Insights. Use Searchspring and Google Analytics data to break down important metrics to provide the best shopper experience possible.


Google Analytics Insights 

Google Analytics Insights provide high-level visualizations and breakdowns of your ecommerce site search performance.

With Searchspring Google Analytics Insights, you no longer need to dig through Google Analytics to gain key insights about how shoppers browse and buy. Learn which type of visitor generates the most revenue, which type converts at the highest rate, and much more.

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Product Insights 

Product Insights provide data on the performance of individual products. Learn what products have the most views, which ones bring in the most revenue, and what items get views but don’t convert.

Product Insights empower you to develop a merchandising plan with the customer in mind. 

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Get data that’s meaningful for you to sell more. The following reports are easy to pull, read, and analyze so you can take action fast:

  • Searches
  • Keywords
  • Sorts
  • Expanded Searches
  • Overall Search Activity
  • Zero Results
  • Filters
  • IntelliSuggest Events
  • A/B Experiment Reports 


Search Insights 

Use the Search Insights Report to analyze how shoppers interact with various searches. Take the data to merchandise your site, order popular products, and make product recommendations.

The Search Insights Report saves your team time and money by being easy to pull and understand so you can take action immediately.

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Spell Correction Insights 

Figure out common search spelling errors and take action to still get the right product in front of the right customer at the right time.

Spelling Correction analyzes years of search behavior data from actual online stores to identify the shopper’s most likely intent while searching. It looks at common spelling patterns and word correlations to identify the best possible result.

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