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How great online retailers are facing COVID-19 ecommerce challenges head-on

COVID-19 is creating unprecedented ecommerce challenges. Demand for online shopping has exploded in some industries, with retailers scrambling to maintain stock levels and fulfill orders. Others are struggling with excess inventory and decreased consumer spend. Regardless of sales performance, brands across the board are abandoning carefully-laid marketing plans and pivoting on messaging and campaigns. 

As the situation continues to shift, it’s crucial that retailers focus on the factors that are within their control. Resources are limited for most teams right now, and adapting with efficiency and agility is key.

This series of ebooks outlines simple but effective tactics for overcoming four of the most common ecommerce challenges that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. We’ve seen countless retailers responding to setbacks with innovation and creativity, and these ebooks compile practical examples and actionable inspiration from their online stores.

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COVID-19 ecommerce challenges ebook

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4 tactics to sell excess inventory

One of the common ecommerce challenges that we’re hearing from our customers is that certain inventory is beginning to pile up due to fulfillment delays. In this ebook, we’ll walk you through four solutions to get that stock moving again and share examples from other ecommerce stores that are getting it right.

4 tactics to deal with stockouts

While there is little you can do to expedite the restocking process, there are other factors that you can control. This ebook will walk you through tactics for placating frustrated customers, driving sales of the products you dohave in stock, and preparing your site to react as soon as in-demand inventory becomes available. 

4 tactics to adapt messaging and campaigns

What was news yesterday could be irrelevant today. The campaign you had planned for next month may no longer be appropriate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t react and adapt – you could be overlooking opportunities to position your products in ways you hadn’t previously considered. 

4 tactics to stimulate customer spending

As a retailer, the only way to overcome shopper hesitation is to demonstrate value through your merchandising, whatever that value may look like to the individual customer. This ebook outlines four tactics for easing the path to purchase and inspiring confidence in buying decisions. 

Searchspring has merged with Nextopia!!! Click here for all the details!