Here’s how we’ll help you deliver more relevant results

If you’ve done any research, you’ve already heard a lot about relevancy. But... what does that really mean, and how do you get it?


SearchSpring delivers a relevant shopping experience, but how? We explain it to you in this video without confusing you with meaningless buzzwords and hyperbole.

Step 1: It all starts with your product data

We pull and index your product data. This includes each and every product’s meta and performance data. If it’s housed within your platform and existing 3rd party integrations, we grab it.

Product Data

We grab everything. Attributes, custom fields, tags, ratings, review data… if it’s in your platform, we use it!

Want to know more?

See how easy it is for SearchSpring to grab your data.

Step 2: Not all data is the same

A fashion etailer is different than a vitamin shoppe. A $2mil Shopify store has different needs than a $50mil Magento solution. Your data is unique to you and how you operate. We take the time to put human eyes on your data.

Human in, Human out

Your data is put in by humans. Humans make mistakes.

While 90% of data can be anticipated, it’s the unique 10% of quirks that can make all the difference.

We examine your data to ensure it will be understood and leveraged as best as possible.

We’ll never just cram your data through.

Need to know more?

Human error creates inconsistencies that any algorithm can easily miss, or worse, compound. Does your data have normalization issues? Is your description field valuable or noisey content?

Here’s how to make your data even better. >>

Step 3: Algorithm injects intelligence & understanding

Once your raw data has been massaged and optimized, we turn our algorithm loose.

Natural Language Processing

We’ve built in product typing and character recognition to help understand shopper queries on the fly.

Building The Synapses / Data Mapping

We’ve made it easier to eliminate failed and irrelevant search results with one and two way synonyms.

Contextual Awareness

Our system can recognize what’s intended to be a category, attribute, product type, etc…

Want to know more?

Here’s a little more about how our relevancy works.

And, here’s a little more on our baked in intelligence.

Step 4: Deliver The Most Relevant Products

We deliver the best product results based your on your current performance data. This is consistently and constanty getting smarter with each shopper interaction. Your next visitor will see an even smarter relevant results, and so on.

Enrich Product Data

How often is a product viewed vs bought, for which queries, under which facets, during which time frame, compared to other returned results. These metrics and more are added to your product data.

Enhance Search Data

As shoppers browse, click, and buy products, those patterns will be applied and used to influence product rankings based on each shopper’s behavior.

Step 5: Monitor, Analyze, and Optimize

While our automation is smart, it’ll never be as smart as you. Your relevancy can be made even better with our suite of tools that allow you to inject your own influence into the generated results. Bonus: We provide reports, insights and suggestions on those metrics as well.

Promote and Demote Product Rankings

No matter how smart the solution, you’ll always have a unique need. We ensure you’re able to display the most relevant products that are also important to your business objectives.

Promote relevant products to the top of the results by margin, brand, newness, or a host of other metrics that matter to you.

Visual Merchandising

There will always be a need to take the reigns and dial in the results. You can take control and define the exact order of results when needed.

With this level of control, you can:

  • Build custom landing pages
  • Manually sort and order products
  • Gain actionable insights with detailed reporting

We’ve automated it all and left you the controls to make it unique

With 1000’s of clients spread over a decade, there’s one thing we’ve learned. Every store is unique and there’s never a one-size-fits all solution. We make sure our relevancy algorithm does it all, but not at the expense of your business objectives.

Want to learn more about SearchSpring?

Check out what makes SearchSpring special, learn about our search algorithm, and find out what it takes to get SearchSpring live on your store.

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