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Searchspring Helps Ecommerce Sites Provide the Ultimate Shopper Experience and Increase Conversions With Better On-Site Search, Merchandising, Personalization, and Insights

What is Ecommerce Personalization?

Ecommerce Personalization Creates Unique Experiences Tailored to Each Shopper

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalized product recommendations provide unique recommendations to shoppers based on previous on-site behavior. We all know what recommendations look like at a basic level. It’s likely that your ecommerce platform offers some sort of blanketed recommendations, but for product recommendations to be effective, they need to be personalized. If you’re serving the same set of recommended products to each shopper, they aren’t personalized.

Personalized Product Recommendations include:

  • Cross-Sell Recommendations
  • Session Recommendations and Similar Recommendations
  • Geo-Merchandising
  • Trending Products and Best Sellers
Peltz Shoes website; womens sandals search results based on previous shopper behavior (athletic sandals)

Personalized Search and Merchandising

Ecommerce Personalized Search and Merchandising displays relevant products in search results based on previous shopping behavior. All the same items that appear in regular search results show up, but Personalized Search and Merchandising prioritizes products each individual shopper is more likely to purchase by displaying them first.

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Personalized Email Recommendations

It’s easy to recommend products through email. It’s a bigger deal to really personalize them. Show recommendations and craft messaging especially for each individual shopper in follow-up messages, just like you do on your website.

Personalized email recommendations not only create custom product recommendations, they can also be used for messages such as care instructions and reminders (ie: time for new tires).

Additional Personalized Email Recommendations use-cases include:

  • Post-purchase
  • Cart abandonment reminder
  • Upcoming sales
  • Recommended products (“Picked Just for You”)
  • Just dropped and on sale items similar or complementary to previous shopping behavior
  • Loyalty program and points information
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Reasons to Implement Ecommerce Personalization

  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Create an Engaging Shopper Experience
  • Get the Right Product in Front of the Right Customer
  • Control the Narrative
  • Better User Experience
  • Increased Likelihood of Conversions



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