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Ecommerce search and merchandising for Sport & Outdoor stores

Take control of product display with easy-to-use sport and outdoor ecommerce solutions.
Ecommerce search and merchandising for Sport & Outdoor stores

“Searchspring allows us to display a mix of our popular products per category as well as newer items that don’t have a sales history. It gives us control over the search results to show the customer what we want at any given time.”

– Josh South, Director of Marketing and Technology, SuperATV

If you work in ecommerce for Outdoors or Sport websites, you’re probably tired of:

Worried merchandiser
  • Accessories displaying above products in search results.
  • Winter products appearing first on search and category pages during summer months, and vice versa.
  • Broad product ranges that are difficult to navigate and filter.

With Searchspring, ecommerce Outdoors & Sport brands can take full control of product display and make site updates with ease – so you can get back to what you do best.

  • Meet shopper expectations: deliver accurate, relevant search results that reflect shopper intent. Keep your star products front and center.
  • Make timely recommendations: once a shopper finds the product they’re looking for, show them relevant, complementary accessories to boost AOV.
  • Control product seasonality: demote winter products in summer and vice versa. Geo-merchandising highlights products based on the climate/season in the shopper’s location.
  • Improve product discovery: help shoppers navigate and narrow down your full range of products to the precise results they’re looking for.
  • Make data-backed decisions: optimize the shopping experience with actionable insights on shopper behavior and product performance.

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