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Ecommerce search and merchandising for Lawn & Garden stores

Launch personalized shopping experiences with easy-to-use lawn and garden ecommerce solutions.
Ecommerce search and merchandising for Lawn & Garden stores

“Searchspring has helped us bridge various gaps in terms of merchandising opportunities and actual implementation on site. From quick fixes to thorough dev customizations, the Searchspring team and technical support has been readily available to step in and help out at every step of the way, and we have felt extremely supported by their team. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Searchspring and look forward to seeing continually great results.”

– Alixandra Beverley, Ecommerce Manager, AuthenTEAK

As an ecommerce Lawn & Garden retailer, you’re probably tired of:

Worried merchandiser
  • Manually updating your site during busy periods, when stock is changing all the time.
  • Struggling to replicate the personalized in-store experience – whether it’s answering questions about big ticket items, or providing plant care advice.
  • Inaccurate or irrelevant search results, and a lack of control over product display.

With Searchspring, ecommerce Lawn & Garden retailers can make site-wide updates in a matter of clicks – so you can get back to what you do best.

  • Offer intuitive navigation and filtering: shoppers can easily narrow down their searches by size, material, color, price, or brand, and find the products they are most likely to convert on.
  • Control product display: highlight the products that are currently in season, and update results with ease as timing and stock changes. Boost sale items to offload stock as it goes out of season.
  • Make intelligent recommendations: cross-sell the right soil for that plant, the outdoor table to match that sectional, or the accessories that go with that barbecue.
  • Make data-backed decisions: optimize the shopping experience with actionable insights on shopper behavior and product performance.

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