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Product Insights

See How Specific Products Perform and Gain Visibility Into How Shoppers Interact With Products
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Product Insights provide data on the performance of individual products. Learn what products have the most views, which bring in the most revenue, and which items get views but don’t convert.

Develop a merchandising plan with the customer in mind with Product Insights. 

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“Following a launch, we can see how many searches there are for that particular product. I like having that really clear data that we can give back to the design team.”

– Cameron Parker, Head of Brand, Hat Club
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How Do Search Product Insights Work?

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Searchspring’s Product Insights examine how products perform – and you decide how far to dig into the data. With this tool, you gain visibility into product performance and how shoppers interact with products. We’ll even give ideas on how to optimize performance further.


Insights You Can View:

  • Top Products
  • Highest Grossing Products
  • Transactions That Converted Most 


Performance Quadrants

Performance Quadrants show what products shoppers are your site’s best performers in groups. Each quadrant includes ideas to convert more.


Breakdown Table

The Breakdown Table is detailed information about every touched product. From views to carts to revenue, there are many ways to break down, sort, filter, and analyze this raw information to better understand your audience. 


Product Insights Detail Page

The Product Detail Page shows an even more advanced breakdown of a product’s performance. You can break down this data in several ways including trends, search history, how the shopper found the product, what device they used to get there, and more. This helps you customize your marketing and merchandising strategies based on the customer and reach them where they are.

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