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How to Increase Ecommerce Sales During COVID-19

This ebook outlines four tactics to ease the path to purchase, inspire confidence in buying decisions and ultimately increase ecommerce sales.

Many retailers expected COVID-19 to increase ecommerce sales, but not all industries have been affected equally. Economic uncertainty has the potential to make consumers reluctant to spend right now, despite having new or heightened needs for certain products.

For most online stores, traffic levels are up, but conversions aren’t necessarily growing at the same rate. Shoppers are browsing online more than ever, but they aren’t always buying. As a retailer, the only way to overcome shopper hesitation and increase ecommerce sales is to demonstrate value, whatever that value may look like to the individual customer.

This ebook outlines four tactics for easing the path to purchase and inspiring confidence in buying decisions. Capitalize on the growth in ecommerce and drive your online conversions with these simple steps.

Learn how you can increase ecommerce sales by:

  • Removing barriers to purchase
  • Offering flexible payment options
  • Catering to different budgets
  • Adding trust signals


4 tactics to boost ecommerce sales and boost consumer spend

As many consumers exercise caution with their spending, retailers must provide reassurance that making a purchase is the right decision. It’s no longer enough to build an online store and expect the conversions to follow. Online competition is fierce, and customers have more choice than ever.

Are you inadvertently discouraging shoppers with excessive charges or rigid payment options? Can new visitors quickly ascertain the value and trustworthiness of your online store? All of these factors, and more, will influence whether a wary browser ultimately converts to a satisfied buyer.

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