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How to Hold Momentum and Increase Retention After BFCM

Hold onto your seat! Use our practical tips and tactics to keep the momentum going beyond BFCM and well into the new year!

For many, the 2022 Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales hit new record highs. It was a sigh of relief for online retailers who saw slowing growth in previous months.

Shopify recorded global sales from independent businesses of $7.5 billion USD ($11.16 billion AUD) for BFCM 2022. This figure represents a 19% increase from the $6.3 billion USD that Shopify merchants made over the same period in 2021.

Despite bumper sales, ecommerce businesses now have another critical task; keeping momentum. They must pull out all stops to hold shoppers’ attention and maximise sales leading into the holiday season (and into another uncertain year ahead).

Your in-depth eBook contains the practical tips and tactics to hold momentum and increase customer retention, well beyond BFCM.

You’ll learn:

  • The insights to hone in on from BFCM data
  • Staying front-of-mind with your customers, into and beyond the holiday season
  • Nurturing tactics to strengthen relationships over time
  • Boosting relevancy in your email communications
  • Identifying when to reach out for additional post-BFCM sales opportunities
  • Delivering excellence customer experiences (CX) right until the last touchpoint
  • Resetting customer mindsets beyond BFCM sales

Gain instant access to your guide – and hold onto your seat as you keep that momentum going!