How to Hold Momentum and Increase Retention After BFCM

Your in-depth eBook contains practical tips and tactics to hold momentum and increase customer retention, beyond BFCM and into the new year.

Many retailers had high expectations of Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2023.

Forecasted sales in Australia were set to reach an incredible AUD$6.36bn over the four-day (BFCM) weekend. 74% of US holiday shoppers also planned to purchase during their five-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Early results of the BFCM sales are impressive. Global Shopify merchants collectively saw USD$9.3bn in sales, while BigCommerce reported a 7% increase in US orders during BFCM.

Despite cost-of-living pressures, consumers displayed more strategic buying behaviours throughout the year, taking advantage of sales events to make their dollars stretch further.

Now the BFCM storm of activity has passed, how can you engage and retain more customers (and keep the sun shining on your online store’s sales activity)?

Your 28-page eBook packed with smart strategies and practical tactics to hold momentum and increase customer retention well beyond BFCM.

You’ll learn:

  • Digging into your BFCM data and asking critical questions
  • Practical tips to increase conversion and AOV
  • Staying front-of-mind with your customers (now and beyond the holiday season)
  • Knowing when to reach out to shoppers with additional post-BFCM sales offers
  • Helping customers move out of discount mindsets

Gain instant access to your guide – and hold onto your seat as you keep that momentum going!

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