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Sustainable Shopping Practices

Why is Sustainable Shopping Important and How Can Ecommerce Sites Drive Conversion, Loyalty, and Better Shopper Experiences?


How Sustainable Practices Boost the Online Shopping Experience

Convenience may be king, but it can come at a cost for online retailers. As an ecommerce merchant, you want to create sustainable shopping experiences and also provide convenience. How can retailers do this while increasing conversion rates and improving customer loyalty?

Shoppers now hold businesses to higher standards, and sustainability heavily impacts purchases. According to EY Future Consumer Index, 71% of Aussies think brands should change the world positively. 24% said they’d pay more for more sustainable goods and services.

In this ebook, we take a deeper dive into the importance of environmentally responsible shopping practices and provide examples of retailers who are leading the charge.

Included topics:

  • Understand the priorities of modern shoppers
  • Demonstrate values that align with ethical online shopping
  • The common thread of sustainability in fashion retail
  • Ecommerce sustainability strategies 
  • How brands are positively impacting the planet

Download your copy of the How Sustainable Practices Boost the Online Shopping Experience today to learn more about environmentally responsible strategies that increase conversion rates and create shopper loyalty.

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