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Product Updates

Hear from our development team about product redesigns to brand new upcoming features.

NEW: Copy your campaigns with ease!

You can now duplicate any merchandising campaign with just a couple clicks! If you manage multiple sites, you can even copy a campaign to a different site.

Check out this article to learn more »

From the lab: New superpowers inbound!

We’ve been cooking up a lot of new tools for you to add to your utility belt. From new ways to segment your merchandising strategies, to breaking speed barriers and deeper data support. Hey, we weren’t kidding when we said that we give you superpowers, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Discover the impact of your campaigns

We are beginning to roll out some new insights within the Visual Merchandising list page! These new columns show you how often your campaign impacted your shoppers’ experience within the past 30 days, both in a trend graph and in total views. This is rolling out to stores who have our newest tracking installed. If you don’t see this yet, keep an eye out in the coming months as we continue to roll out our newest reporting system.

Schedule multiple Global campaigns + Improved interface

You can now create multiple global campaigns on a schedule, allowing you to easily schedule out global changes in advance without having to worry about it at the last second. Also, the Visual Merchandising editing interface has gotten a facelift to make it easier to use and understand at a glance, allowing you to get your merchandising done quicker.

Launch faster, show off Expanded Search, and get the help you need

Check out what we’ve been up to in March! Show your shoppers when their search is being expanded, always know who to go to for help, and turn around your new sites faster than ever.

Guide your shoppers with Popular Searches in AutoComplete

Our new Popular Searches in AutoComplete works to help guide your shoppers to a more solid path to conversion. When a shopper clicks into the search box, we provide a list of the store’s top most popular search queries from the past 90 days.

Welcome to the new Dashboard

The Dashboard in the Searchspring Management Console has been completely revamped. When you first log in, it now provides you with a high level overview of everything you need to know surrounding your Searchspring products.

Compare date ranges in reporting

Compare two different date ranges against each other to get a better idea of changes in patterns over time. These date comparisons are now available on the Zero Results and Searches basic reports.

The Idea Portal has arrived

Help us improve Searchspring, see what’s coming soon, and the major projects we’ve recently released.

Spell Check Reporting is Here

This comprehensive report helps you to understand what the most common spelling errors are; both in general and in different groups such as device type and over time.

November 2019

Just in time for the holidays – Spell check is rolling out, a new report coming soon, improvements to AutoComplete, and more!

September 2019

We have been hard at work creating some really major new capabilities that you’ll love with merchandising, spelling correction, and brand new Product Recommendations.

February 2019

Full Momentum on Spelling Correction Early testing on our brand new automatic spelling correction is well underway, and excellent progress… Read more »

November 2018

Entering a Code Freeze In order to ensure the absolute reliability of our systems during the busiest time of year… Read more »

The Searchspring Redesign

The Searchspring Management Console is undergoing a visual redesign which includes a fresh new look, a much easier to use… Read more »

July 2018

Our July product update is all about performance, performance, performance! Incredibly large steps have been taken to help improve the way you… Read more »

June 2018

We realize that context is everything when it comes to making changes to your site, so this month we’re providing… Read more »

May 2018

We’re finishing the old, and bringing in some new! This month, we’re adding some finishing touches on the rollout of… Read more »

April 2018

The month of April updates at Searchspring brings some major new power to how you control everything – from boost… Read more »

March 2018

This month at Searchspring – We’ve streamlined your tools for merchandising, boosting, and even logging in! These updates help not… Read more »

January 2018

There’s a lot to be excited about in January – We’re rolling out our newest search algorithm, have a brand… Read more »

Updated Relevancy Suite

Enhancements Include Search Context Detection, Expanded Merchandising Capabilities October 17, 2017 – Today, Searchspring, a leader in site search and online… Read more »

September 2017

In the past couple of months, we have been making large strides in leveraging product boosting rules to their fullest potential, refining… Read more »

July 2017

For our July release, we’re providing a smart new way to dynamically manage your Faceting options, giving you much more… Read more »

June 2017

For our June 2017 release, we’ve made great strides in improving the usability of our most popular features. You can… Read more »

May 2017

For our May 2017 release, we’ve improved the Zero Results report to include background filters, made the products toolbox in… Read more »

April 2017

For our April 2017 release, we’ve made more great improvements to our Boosting Rules, and to the Visual Merchandising suite…. Read more »

March 2017

For our March 2017 release, we’ve completely revamped our Visual Merchandising suite. We’ve added and refined major functionality to give… Read more »

February 2017

New: Searchspring Login Page We’ve refreshed the Searchspring login page. You’ll start to see some helpful content, such as new features,… Read more »

January 2017

Update summary: Express Widget Library Product Boosting Rules Onboarding callouts Product Insights Minor updates and bugfixes Express Search Preview –… Read more »

Letter From The CEO: 2017 Product Roadmap

With 2017 now upon us, I wanted to thank you for being a loyal customer, reflect on our accomplishments over… Read more »

November 2016

Update summary: Searchspring Express: Setting Search Fields Configuring Facet Fields Visual Merchandising: Dates and Counters Redesigned Alert Emails Search Insights… Read more »

October 2016

Update Summary: Redesigned Dashboard One-way synonyms Rebranded signup pages Bugfixes and minor updates Redesigned Dashboards The dashboard has received a… Read more »

Intermittent Service Outages: Rolling Regional DNS Outages in the U.S.

Update Mon, Oct 24 – 9:20a MT: Dyn is reporting that the DDoS attack against their DNS infrastructure has been mitigated…. Read more »

September 2016

Update Summary: New: Saluki Relevancy Engine Improved: Platform Data Feed Setup New: Search Preview Improved: Standard Reports Improved: BigCommerce API… Read more »

August 2016

This month’s release includes several improvements and bug fixes to search, merchandising and insights. Summary: Improved: Standard reporting speed and accuracy has been… Read more »

July 2016

This month’s release includes several improvements and bug fixes to search, merchandising and insights. Summary: Improved: Product Insights Fixed: Autocomplete not ordering merchandised items correctly… Read more »

June 2016

This month’s release includes search relevance improvements, enhanced speed and integration enhancements with Google Analytics.  Additionally, the new Index Status page which… Read more »

May 2016

This month introduces 3 new features and improvements to 2 previously introduced features in active development. Summary: New: Search Preview New: Ajax v3… Read more »

April 2016

This month includes updates to Searchspring’s Relevancy, Merchandising and Insights Suites.  Bulk Merchandising, which was introduced in March, is being… Read more »

March 2016

We have exciting updates this month that make Searchspring easier to use. There is also new functionality coming for the Merchandising… Read more »

April 2015

You may notice these release notes are a bit sparse. We’re working on something big that we hope to announce… Read more »

March 2015

Features Indexing Added a new document filter which will allow us to calculate the number of days since a date…. Read more »

February 2015

Features Magento Module Added option to protect data feed and live indexing with HTTP simple authentication Added ability to add… Read more »

January 2015

Feature Updates Magento: Added User IP, User Agent and Referrer information to Searchspring API requests. This will allow us to… Read more »

December 2014

Feature Updates Switched how our connection to Google Analytics to use OAuth authorization instead of customers having to provide our… Read more »

August 2014

New Searchspring Magento module Real-Time Indexing: Product updates are now sent to Searchspring as they occur with the Magento admin… Read more »

July 2014

Introducing Saluki Saluki is the codename for the new Searchspring backend platform. It’s our best version yet, with blazing fast… Read more »

New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!