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Vintage Tub & Bath

Vintage Tub & Bath increased search revenue per visitor by 40% in just 90 days of using Searchspring.

"After utilizing four different search solutions over the last few years, Searchspring not only was able to boost performance and revenue but it was by far one of the easiest integrations I have taken part in during my career. It was a seamless integration with our website and analytics, allowing for a quick launch and more in-depth reporting on search."

Tony D’Amato Marketing Director

Vintage Tub & Bath Searchspring

The Problem

With a vast selection of products available on their website, helping shoppers find the right product was very challenging for Vintage Tub & Bath (VTB) with the default search solution from Magento . Similar to many default search solutions offered by other ecommerce platforms, there are limitations beyond basic keyword matching, and because of this, VTB was constrained by low conversion rates and revenue from search visitors. Their existing search had difficulty with multi-word, brand and keyword matching, and did not often understand the context of their customer’s searches. In many instances, shoppers searching for specific products were being shown accessories instead of the products themselves.

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The Solution

After reviewing three search providers, VTB ultimately chose Searchspring based on their superior product functionality and expertise with Magento clients. Searchspring’s proven track record in the Home Décor niche and strong customer success history gave VTB confidence in the search solution. Leveraging their diverse solutions, the Searchspring team was able to accomplish two main goals for VTB. First, to align search results with their business goals by boosting their higher margin house brands over third-party brands. Second, the Searchspring team was able to improve conversion through more relevant search results.

“Our previous search solution often placed the most-popular items low on the results page or worse gave users poor or no results at all; this solution corrected that issue and put those products at the top where they belong. The best thing about Searchspring is that it allows users to find what they are looking for with ease. Not only has website conversion improved but the average length of calls within our call center has decreased by 1.3 minutes as a result of our improved search solution. This, in turn allows our sales reps to answer more calls and emails.” – Tony D’Amato, Marketing Director



The Results

Within the first 90 days of launching, Searchspring has proven its value by improving VTB’s conversion rate, marketing effectiveness, and site usability. In this short period of time, VTB saw an increase in search usage and revenue per visitor of over 40%. In addition, VTB noticed an increase in their marketing effectiveness and conversion rates across their paid marketing channels. Google AdWords, email, and affiliate traffic all saw an average conversion increase of 22%.


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