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The White Room

Together, Searchspring and The White Room Have Helped Clients Debug Their Ecommerce Sites and Improve Search, Merchandising, and Personalization

“As a web developer, I have worked with lots of vendors who have varying levels of quality and service. Searchspring is far and away the best on both fronts.”

– Rory O’Connor, Web Developer & Owner, The White Room

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Rory O’Connor is a web developer and owner of The White Room. With over 20 years of experience helping clients build and maintain ecommerce websites, he is an expert on platform and app integration. The White Room has several clients who use Searchspring and O’Connor encourages clients who aren’t on Searchspring to explore its benefits.

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Throughout the years, The White Room has helped countless clients with their ecommerce sites. There are times when a new client isn’t familiar with Searchspring and The White Room recommends they explore how Searchspring helps improve site search, personalization, recommendations, and merchandising. 

In addition to recommending Searchspring to new clients, there have been times when an established shared client between The White Room and Searchspring has decided to give other search, merchandising, and personalization tools a try. There have also been times mutual clients switch ecommerce platforms and would like to try their new platform’s built-in solutions instead of Searchspring.  

When this happens, the alternatives to Searchspring prove to simply not be powerful enough or personalized enough to be effective. Clients end up spending more time and money merchandising their site and working out indexing issues. On the advice of The White Room, these clients return to Searchspring to get back on track.




“The contrast between providers gives me tremendous confidence in Searchspring’s capabilities as a leader in the ecommerce industry.”
– Rory O’Connor, Web Developer & Owner, The White Room
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There are several reasons why The White Room recommends Searchspring, including how easy it is to use, the back-end functionality, and the level of service provided by the Searchspring team. O’Connor appreciates how Searchspring’s in-house developers take every ticket seriously and are always happy to answer questions and make suggestions or changes.

“I love that you can just submit a ticket and get a resolution. No matter who is on the answering end at Searchspring, they are knowledgeable and just solve the problem. Searchspring puts Customer Support at the forefront and it shows. They also have some of the most talented developers I have worked with over my 20 year career.” 

– Rory O’Connor, Web Developer & Owner, The White Room

Since The White Room mainly works on implementing and maintaining Searchspring products, O’Connor loves how fast and simple the process is and the transparency provided in javascript so he doesn’t need to open a ticket just to make changes.

Searchspring also has features that help streamline The White Room’s work. This includes the ability to bulk-import feeds and receive a “success” or “fail” response to eliminate gaps in the process and address issues immediately. 

One of O’Connor’s personal favorite features is Searchspring’s admin panel saying it “lets you do everything you need to do,” such as changing and adding new facets. The admin panel also dynamically recognizes categories in the feed, displays insights, and enables the client to easily create merchandising campaigns, set rules, and implement personalization.

Some of the most popular features with The White Room clients include:

  • Drag and Drop Merchandising
  • Inline Banners
  • Landing Pages
  • Autosuggest
  • Filters 
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Together, Searchspring and The White Room have helped clients debug their ecommerce sites and improve search, merchandising, and personalization.

One shared client has seen tremendous growth. Between December 2020 – December 2022, shoppers who used search were 8 times more likely to make a purchase than those who didn’t, compared to December 2018 – December 2020 when shoppers who used search were only 2.4 times more likely to make a purchase. 

Over the same period, this client also experienced a 152% increase in search conversion rate and a 72% increase in search revenue per visit.

more likely to make a purchase.
increase in search conversion rate.
increase in search revenue per visit.