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Peltz Shoes

Peltz Shoes has seen a 12.9% increase in conversions with Personalized Search and Merchandising.

"We’ve been with the same service rep every step of the way since we began with Searchspring four years ago. Since then, we’ve had an incredible relationship with Searchspring—every feature request or customization, now matter how small, was punctually replied to and resolved. They’ve really set the benchmark for how we view customer experience with any company we interact with."

Cody Saporito, Marketing Director, Peltz Shoes

Peltz Shoes sign behind young man sales associate. 3 shoes boxes on a counter next to cash register. Woman in orange shirt at register checking out.


Peltz Shoes, a dedicated Searchspring client since 2018, offers quality, name brand shoes at a great price. They specialize in hard-to-find sizes for hard-to-fit feet, carrying everything from women’s size 4 to men’s 17. They also carry super narrow and extra wide widths. With over 250,000 shoes and 150 name brands, they have something for everyone. Peltz Shoes updates their site with new products every week and offers the best value everyday.

With the massive amount of products and brands we carry, a merchandising solution was vital for us to put the right product in front of the right customer,” said Cody Saporito, Marketing Director for Peltz Shoes, “Having extended sizes and widths can be a merchandising nightmare for some integrations, but Searchspring’s platform and customer service has been a huge relief for us since we’ve started using their services.”

Males sales associate helping a woman try on shoes at Peltz Shoes


When Searchspring announced the launch of Personalized Search and Merchandising, Peltz Shoes was eager to try the tool on their site. Within days, their Personalized Search and Merchandising journey began.    

“We were reached out to about an opportunity to try out a new personalized search feature Searchspring had been developing,” said Saporito “As a company in a highly competitive market, we’re always looking for an advantage to set us apart from the other guys. We only had to send a few details to get the test started and for the next four weeks, they monitored the results making sure nothing was negatively impacted. They periodically checked in with us, letting us know how the test was performing and we were seeing nothing but green.”

Males sales associate holding foot of woman, helping her try on shoes at Peltz Shoes


To properly examine the impact of Personalized Search and Merchandising on their ecommerce site, Peltz Shoes chose one merchandising campaign to A/B test: Women’s Sandals. 

The testing worked like this: 

  • Searchspring added Personalized Search and Merchandising to the existing merchandising campaign and tested results against the existing baseline – in this case, the conversion rate of women’s sandals. 
  • During the testing period, Searchspring monitored the two metrics:
    • Average Search Time
    • The Personalized Search and Merchandising A/B Test
Woman looking at blue canvas shoes in mirror


After three weeks with Personalized Search and Merchandising on their women’s sandals merchandising campaign, Peltz Shoes conversion rate jumped 43% thanks to Personalized Search and Merchandising. 

At the end of the testing period, women’s sandals had a 12.9% overall increase in conversions. Peltz Shoes has now implemented Personalized Search and Merchandising throughout their entire website.

“It was literally the flip of a button for us and the results were substantial. With the ease of use and clear jump in conversation rate, it was a no brainer that adding Searchspring’s personalized search and merchandising feature would produce results,” says Saporito on the decision to implement the product site-wide. 

With successful testing of Personalized Search and Merchandising complete, Searchspring has since mass-rolled out this new feature. 

Nick Kuhne, Director of Product at Searchspring, expressed excitement on the success Peltz Shoes has experienced with Personalized Search and Merchandising and how this new tool can further help Searchspring clients deliver the ultimate shopper experience. “Since implementing Personalized Search and Merchandising on their site, Peltz Shoes has seen a significant increase in views and transactions and improved the overall shopper experience. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and look at this as a huge win for all our clients.” 

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