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Inmod shoppers who use site search buy more and spend more per visit.

“Making the switch to Searchspring was a great move for our business. The proof is in the numbers. We saw immediate results, and we’ve been able to continue fine-tuning and improving our shopping experience ever since.”

Brian Greenspan, COO, Inmod

Inmod Searchspring case study


Inmod is an online retailer that specializes in furniture, lighting, and home decor. The store was founded out of a passion for iconic modern design and a determination to bring it to the masses. When the site first launched in 2003, shopping for furniture online was a relatively new concept. Delivering a tactile, service-oriented experience was a top priority for the business to drive ecommerce purchases, and remains a key focus of their strategy to this day. 

“Our biggest differentiator is our customer service, that’s our number one priority,” says Brian Greenspan, COO at Inmod. “I think customer service gets lost these days, it gets outsourced, a lot of online stores don’t even have a phone number anymore. For us, it’s really important that everyone who purchases with us has a great experience, and customer service is a huge part of that.”

Inmod ecommerce success story


“Home Decor is a pretty saturated market, when we first started out we were one of just a few and now we’re one of many,” says Brian. “Being in such a competitive landscape, growth is very challenging and the industry is changing all the time. We know, for example, that we can’t rely on organic traffic from Google in the same way that we used to. As an online retailer, you have to find alternative ways to bring customers to your site and keep them there.” 

Inmod tried various solution providers in the past to support their efforts to engage shoppers, but found that certain functionality was always lacking. “Previously, our site search wasn’t living up to the standards we expected. We tried several solutions but they were always just missing the mark, I was never really happy with how they worked,” says Brian. 

Integration with the Yahoo platform also proved a challenge. “We’ve been on Yahoo since the beginning. It can be difficult to manage things like product arrangement within the platform, and it doesn’t always work well with third party solutions. When a friend suggested I try Searchspring, it immediately seemed like it offered a lot of the tools that I hadn’t seen from other platforms.”

Searchspring case study


“Searchspring has given us much greater control over how products are organized on category pages. If we’re running a sale, we can just drag-and-drop the relevant products to the top of the page. If something goes out of stock, we can automatically remove it. Not only is it a much better merchandising experience for our customers, it also saves my team a lot of time and manual work,” says Brian.

Global boost rules enable Inmod to influence product arrangement on a site-wide basis, ensuring the store’s house brand always takes precedence in search and category results. Additionally, landing pages allow the team to put a fresh spin on inventory and experiment with different approaches to product groupings. 

“One of my favorite things about Searchspring is the ability to easily create landing pages,” says Brian. “Our social media manager loves that feature. It means we can take products that complement each other or represent a certain style, give that selection of products an interesting name, and we instantly have a new way to market existing stock.”   

Site search and navigation also play a critical role in helping shoppers locate the specific products they’re looking for. “We have about 10,000 different products on our site, shoppers need to be able to whittle that down. If a customer comes to the site with a particular fabric or style in mind, the full range of products can be overwhelming. Before we had Searchspring’s search and navigation in place, we actually considered cutting down our product offering by about 90% to make it easier to browse. But now, with the filters and search we have on the site, it’s much easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.”

Searchspring for home decor


“Making the switch to Searchspring was a great move for our business. The proof is in the numbers. We saw immediate results, and we’ve been able to continue fine-tuning and improving our shopping experience ever since. The platform gives us a lot more visibility than other solutions we’ve used,” says Brian.

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