Dia&Co teamed up with Searchspring to improve their search and navigation, and to create a denim quiz that helps shoppers find their perfect pair of jeans.

Dia Searchspring case study


Increase in Overall Revenue From Search

“Beyond providing search and filtering capabilities, Searchspring has been a great partner as Dia’s ecommerce experience has evolved. They are always available to collaborate on solutions – they feel just like an extension of the Dia team.”

Arpita Dhundia
Director of Engineering, Dia&Co

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The Brand

Dia&Co celebrates style as a declaration of individuality, self-expression, and swagger. It’s not about size or even the clothes you wear: “you know it when you see it”.

Their customers are paired with dedicated stylists via an online quiz, and receive personalized subscription boxes of clothing tailored to their style, body, and budget.

In addition to the subscription service, Dia&Co also has an ecommerce store where customers can shop for the individual products and brands featured in their style boxes.

Verbal + Visual

The Partner

Verbal+Visual, a digital agency that specializes in ecommerce sites for thoughtful brands, partnered with Dia&Co to redesign their site to reflect the brand’s radical self-love style. The new Dia&Co digital experience is fun and confident, speaking to an under-served audience craving fashionable pieces and a brand that speaks their language.


The Challenges

As part of the design project, Verbal+Visual identified an opportunity for Dia&Co to improve their site search and navigation.

Because of the subscription-based nature of the business, many customers visit the ecommerce store to re-purchase specific products or brands from their style boxes. Prior to the redesign, the site search experience wasn’t fully catering to these shoppers.

Intuitive product discovery is another key component of the online store. Alongside its proprietary brands, Dia&Co sources from many other labels. Inventory changes regularly and product assortments run wide rather than deep. Verbal+Visual recognized that the site’s filtering and sorting could be improved to enable shoppers to locate the right styles, colors, and sizes. With frequent stock updates, the latest arrivals and best sellers also needed to be easier to find.

Dia&Co results after using searchspring

The Solutions

“With a vast product selection, search and filtering was an important feature set for the Dia&Co team. Given the robust nature of Dia&Co’s offerings, and the ability to quickly integrate with Shopify Plus, Verbal+Visual recommended Searchspring and was able to go live with an extremely successful set of functionality within weeks”, said Anshey Bhatia, CEO at Verbal+Visual.

The team implemented Searchspring’s Search and Category navigation solutions on the Dia&Co site, as well as a new denim sizing quiz. The quiz helps customers to find the perfect pair of jeans by asking a series of questions about fit, color, and style preferences. Based on the quiz, Searchspring added new data fields to Dia&Co’s products to produce relevant results in response to customers’ answers. If, for example, a shopper expresses a preference for classic denim styles, they won’t receive results that include bleached or ripped jeans.

“With Searchspring’s partnership, we have been able to fully leverage its capabilities through standard search and filtering features, but more importantly for unique, customer engagement features like our Denim Quiz. We look forward to partnering with them on more such features in the future!” – Arpita Dhundia, Director of Engineering at Dia&Co.


The Results

Shoppers who use search on Dia&Co are ten times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. While only 1% of visitors to the site engage with the search bar, that 1% accounts for 12% of the site’s overall revenue.

“Searchspring has been a crucial tool for Dia, both because of its excellent product and talented team,” says Arpita Dhundia, Director of Engineering at Dia&Co. “Beyond providing search and filtering capabilities, they have been a great partner as Dia’s ecommerce experience has evolved. Searchspring is always available to collaborate on solutions – they feel just like an extension of the Dia team. Their entire team is very responsive and deeply knowledgeable of the product. All of our questions, iterations, and ideas were addressed quickly.”

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