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Brosa decreased merchandising time from hours to minutes using Searchspring.

“We watch how our visitors shop very carefully, and use that information to make their shopping experience better. Our main concern with the website is that it’s easy for them to find what they need, and Searchspring has played a major role in that.”

Jai Kora, CTO, Brosa

brosa history


Over five years ago, Brosa’s founders saw how painful it was to order designer furniture online and asked themselves a few questions.

Why is it so expensive? Why does it take so long? Can the processes be streamlined to offer the same quality at a cheaper price? Is it possible to get the furniture to the customer faster? Can we do it better?

They believed that the answer to their last question was a resounding “yes”, and Brosa was born.

Technology has played a huge role in getting them to where they are today, and according to Brosa CTO Jai Kora, it was the lack of technical adaptation that held back the rest of the industry.

“Our founders learned in the months leading up to Brosa’s launch that all of the current processes could be simplified with technology. Middlemen and other bloated processes needed to be cut out to make things faster and cheaper. So that’s what they did.”

brosa chesterfield


Just a few months after initial research began, Brosa created the Chesterfield sofa, which had the same designer quality that consumers expected, but with drastically reduced markup.

As an added bonus, it could be produced in a fraction of the time compared to similar sofas being sold by competing brands. But this was just a proof of concept. After a bit of experimentation, and a lot of patience, Brosa has now turned the industry on its head, and it’s paying off for would-be furniture buyers.

But technology doesn’t only help Brosa make quality furniture faster and for less money than their competitors. They are also using technology to create a modern online shopping experience that works for their industry.

“Buying furniture online is sort of a uniquely difficult premise. There are style questions, but also a lot of technical questions which are difficult to answer without being able to see and touch the furniture in person. We know from user behavior that both of these concerns come into play during the process, and that multiple people are involved in the decision. We needed ways to help answer those questions for our shoppers.”

how brosa is helping shoppers


One way they help shoppers with these problems is through their virtual design services. When shopping for furniture in person, you can get advice that wouldn’t traditionally be available online.

But with Brosa’s Design Service, you get access to a plethora of services that ensure you get furniture that looks great and suits your preferences without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

But this solution isn’t right for everyone. Many people would rather be creative with their furniture choices, and that’s where Brosa’s data-informed approach comes in.

“We watch how our visitors shop very carefully, and use that information to make their shopping experience better. Our main concern with the website is that it’s easy for them to find what they need, and Searchspring has played a major role in that.”

brosa sofas


Searchspring provides a number of insightful reports to their customers which allow them to better understand and cater to shopper behavior. For example, the Zero Results report displays a list of search queries that are not returning any results. Brosa uses this report to find out what their shoppers need that they can’t find.

In one instance, they learned that shoppers were searching for “furniture that won’t scratch”. Since this keyphrase wasn’t in their product data anywhere, no products were being returned, but by using Searchspring’s other tools, they were able to create a solution that led these shoppers to the right products.

Searchspring’s merchandising tools can be used to customize and arrange the product results on any search query or category page. By using this tool, Brosa was able to deliver a set of products that were relevant to the search query without expending any development resources.

But Brosa doesn’t only use Searchspring’s reports and merchandising tools to fix problems.

Experiments are run frequently to find ways the shopping experience can be improved. Products are rearranged, more relevant filters are placed at the top, and automated boost rules are applied, all to make it easier for the end user to find what they need.

Search results and category pages are modified, and brand new landing pages are even created to coordinate with marketing campaigns. This was possible, but rare prior to Searchspring since the time and development resources required to achieve the same results were too costly.

brosa white chaise


“With Searchspring, we can now create an experimental landing page within a few minutes. Because it doesn’t require us to do any web development, we’re running a lot more experiments than we were able to in the past. Using up development resources was just too expensive before Searchspring.”

According to Brosa, before Searchspring, rearranging the products on a category page for a marketing campaign would take between half a day and a full day.

With Searchspring, it takes only 5-10 minutes. They are now much more creative and experimental as a result, which is helping them learn how their customers shop and what they need at a faster pace.

“In addition to being one of the easiest integrations we’ve ever done, we’ve seen improvements across many of our core metrics with Searchspring. Average time on page has improved on pages where Searchspring is driving content. Our conversion rate, average order value and the usage of our filters all increased.”

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