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Borsheims replicates their luxury in-store experience on their online store with clever merchandising and a customized ring builder tool by Searchspring.

“Our online shoppers should receive a catered experience, just like our in-store clients. Getting to that point was definitely a challenge that we had trouble overcoming for some time.”

Andrew Brabec, Director of Ecommerce, Borsheims

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Borsheims has been a premium diamond and jewelry brand since the late 1800s.

They have a name and reputation to uphold. Shopping for jewelry has always been about a premium experience, so many shoppers would hesitate to buy such personal items online. But Borsheims has gone out of their way to make these shoppers feel comfortable.

borsheims ring builder


Borsheims was looking to graduate to a more powerful search and merchandising solution along with a product finder to help them achieve the intuitive shopping experience they believe their clients deserve.

Arguably the most important component to the online shopping experience on their store is the unique ring builder, which allows shoppers to select ring shape, size, fit and finish, and of course diamonds. This was a challenge since the data setup and UI requirements were quite complex and unique to their business.

This incredible guided selling tool works beautifully on desktop, and is equally impressive on mobile, allowing shoppers to explore and price their options, and importantly, create a ring that’s entirely unique to them.

“We definitely wanted to have this ring builder up and running in its current form a lot earlier than we did, but it just wasn’t possible before we integrated with Searchspring. The daily index of our diamonds alone is a challenge, but Searchspring has been able to handle that without a problem.”

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“One of the things that’s really unique to Searchspring has been the option for us to influence search results. We like to take a curated approach to our store, and Searchspring has made this simpler and more powerful than it ever has been before.”

Outside of the ring builder, Borsheims works hard to ensure that the shopping experience is equally engaging and performant elsewhere on their store.

With Searchspring, they have the option to apply rules to their search and category pages to influence how products are arranged.

A global rule is in place to boost new items on all their pages, increasing exposure to those products. In addition, they frequently apply boost rules to individual category pages to move a specific brand to the top of the page.

This allows them to organically feature a brand that’s important to their business, and can be done without any technical work whatsoever. Rules can be applied to boost or demote products based on any variable that lives within their product data.

Of course, in their physical store, if a client comes in and asks for a diamond bracelet, Borsheims’ expert staff wouldn’t just point to a display case, they would work with their client to find something perfect for them. This same curated approach is now applied to their online store. Search results and category pages can easily be manipulated using the aforementioned rules, or manually arranged with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

Searchspring’s ecommerce specific reports are also used to help Borsheims tailor the experience. For example, a search query report is frequently referenced to help them understand how their shoppers are searching. With this information, redirects or synonyms can easily be created to direct shoppers to the correct products.

“Some of the tools we have with Searchspring were available to us before, but they’ve never been this easy to use. The backend user interface is very intuitive and it’s made merchandising our store so much better. We’re now able to curate and cater our online store just as we do in our physical location.”

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