The Secret Behind Successful Omnichannel Selling

The most challenging aspect of omnichannel selling is arguably delivering a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint. For many retailers, ecommerce is not a standalone entity. You may also operate brick and mortar outlets or sell directly on social media. All of these channels should be equally integrated into your overall strategy. 

The most important thing to remember is that omnichannel is about putting your customer – not your product – at the center of all decisions. Meet your customers where they shop, and respond to how they interact with your brand. 

Understand Why They Shop Where They Shop

Convenience, price, and free shipping were the top three reasons U.S. consumers across all generations chose to buy an item at a branded online store. The ability to touch or try on an item before purchase is the number one reason U.S. consumers shop at brick-and-mortar stores, although older generations are more likely to prioritize this than younger shoppers. 

Understanding your customer personas, and what their individual paths to purchase are, is the first step to a seamless omnichannel journey. Don’t be afraid to test different approaches to measure which channels or messages have the most impact. 

Tracking and Data Capture

Capturing shopper data and tracking their shopping journey is both more important and more difficult when there are multiple channels involved. Multi-touch attribution is non-negotiable to do this successfully. 

Incentivize shoppers to subscribe to your database by offering exclusive offers or discounts in return. Use UTM links to attribute visitors to the ads or campaigns they came from. Review your data and reporting on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for improvement.

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