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Partner spotlight: Trustpilot

Briar Tedesco's headshoot
By Briar Tedesco
Say hello to one of our awesome reviews partners, Trustpilot.  

Trustpilot is the only open review community that focuses on authentic review experiences that consumers can trust. Their mission is to be a universal symbol of trust, which was incredibly important when the company launched in 2007 due to a massive trust gap between buyers and sellers online.

Today, the concurrence of The Age of the Consumer and The Age of Distrust makes Trustpilot a brand that truly defines our times.

“We can’t upgrade the world single-handedly. But through the millions of shared experiences on our platform, we have a massive role to play every day.”

How reviews can play a role in search

“Searchspring provides a fantastic value within our partner ecosystem. Pairing reviews with an on site search experience decreases bounce rates, increases engagement, and provides helpful data about prospects.” 

James Denker Jr. , Senior Partner Manager, Trustpilot

Have you ever thought of leveraging reviews in your site search? How about leveraging the review content itself to improve the search experience? This not only decreases bounce rate, it engages the customer with a tailored experience. 

“Whether sharing the same critical ecommerce connectors to our mutual clients – such as Kathy Kuo or Name Bubbles – or leveraging first class customer experiences, we are privileged to be a part of Searchspring’s valued network of partnerships,” says James. 

Check out some of Trustpilot and Searchspring’s mutual customers:

  • J.W. Goodliffe & Son, Inc.
  • Kathy Kuo Home
  • Name Bubbles, LLC

Want to learn more?

Trustpilot is happy to offer a free month for any paid subscription above our $199 / month rate. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to