Partner Spotlight: ResellerRatings

ResellerRatings amplifies the voices of millions of online shoppers while helping thousands of brands and retailers collect, analyze, and syndicate user-generated content across key shopping channels. Their platform helps to power and integrate customer content and feedback deep into a retail brand’s business and the customer journey, driving growth and loyalty.

Ratings and Reviews That Impact Your Bottom Line

ResellerRatings gives consumers what they want: access to authentic user-generated reviews that provide increased confidence and trust in the brands and products they choose. They understand that the shopping journey is complex. And, having trust indicators like ratings and reviews, videos, photos, and feedback, helps search engines understand if a merchant is delivering a great experience.

Their full suite of solutions includes:

  • Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • Visual Marketing
  • Social Q&A
  • Local Reviews

Through their solutions, ResellerRatings not only enhances search ads and organic SEO but gives a true voice to shoppers. But, optimizing your site for Google search is not the only opportunity to enhance the experience. And, optimizing ecommerce site search is just as important. 

The Partnership

“At ResellerRatings, we are part of every step of the shoppers’ journey from searching on google to reviewing a product post-purchase. It’s why our solutions align perfectly with Searchspring”, said Christina Kay, VP of Marketing and RevOps at ResellerRatings. “We both want the shopper to easily find what they want, but also be the driver of their experience. With Searchspring and ResellerRatings, merchants are able to drive more traffic, greater lifetime value, and conversions.”

Visit Seachspring’s partnership page to learn more about our joint offerings and how we can help you.

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