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Partner Spotlight: PowerReviews

PowerReviews is a User-Generated Content (UGC) solutions provider obsessed with driving business growth. It does this by delivering the technology and support required to help brands and retailers acquire new customers, increase online conversions/sales, and provide a market leading reporting and text analytics suite trained on UGC to drive transformational product and customer experience improvements.


  • Ratings & Reviews
  • UGC Syndication
  • Social Curation
  • Product Sampling
  • UGC Analytics

Through the PowerReviews – Searchspring integration, brands and retailers are now able to seamlessly incorporate their ratings and reviews data directly into their personalized shopping experiences hosted by Searchspring. Adding product reviews to search pages yields a 108% increase in clickthrough rates on a per-product basis.

Why PowerReviews?

Generate more UGC

PowerReviews has the best collection methodologies in the business. Augment with the most cost-effective, proven, predictable, and repeatable product sampling campaigns ever created.

Maximize conversions and sales

PowerReviews’ display options enable you to showcase the UGC you capture throughout the online shopper journey. This is done in order to maximize buyer confidence and increase conversions. Our code is also the lightest, meaning our impact on load speed is significantly less than our competitors.

Acquire new customers

The PowerReviews syndication network means you get your UGC in front of your customers wherever they shop, while the SEO power of UGC also provides further mechanisms to expand your reach to previously untapped audiences.

Optimize UGC impact for even more conversions

We provide the hard data required to optimize your UGC/Ratings & Reviews program. Enhance the influence of UGC on shoppers, maximizing the likelihood it leads them to purchase your products and grow your business.

Analyze context-rich UGC to drive tangible product improvements

Our best-in-class analytics platform drives meaningful action that improves product performance and sales. How? By surfacing key themes, trends and opportunities for improvement from your and your competitors’ ratings and reviews content across the entire internet.

Best-in-class guidance, set-up and services to optimize every element of your UGC program and steer your business growth

Whether you are just starting out or have the most evolved ecommerce business in the world.

“PowerReviews is ecstatic to integrate and partner with Searchspring to provide even more value to our joint customers. With the Searchspring and PowerReviews integration, together, we are able to deliver personalized review data to consumers in search of the perfect product. We’re thrilled to have Searchspring join our Partnership Ecosystem and cannot wait to help our mutual clients provide their shoppers with real-time, relevant data to make more informed purchasing decisions.”

– Casey Murray, Director of Business Development & Partnerships, PowerReviews

If you are interested in learning more about PowerReviews, please reach out to Casey Murray!