Partner Spotlight: Overdose

Overdose Drives Measurable Business Outcomes for Their Clients

An Opportunity in the Traditional Agency Model

The traditional agency view is delivering solutions “on time” and “on budget.” “Set it and forget it,” as the late Ron Popiel would say. This model resulted in expensive, rudderless ships that seem to be speedboats, but actually perform like dinghies. Agencies got used to getting paid based on deliverables rather than performance. 

At the same time, companies struggling to grow their digital channels were repeatedly engaging agencies for help. Agencies continually sold pre-packaged solutions without considering the business goals.

Enter Overdose. They envisioned something different: a founder-led, global, end-to-end digital commerce network, with enterprise capability, underpinned with local independent hustle. A world where agencies and clients worked together in accountable partnerships, focused on delivering accelerated outcomes through bespoke strategies and deep empathy. They call this model “Anti-Agency.”

Building the Anti-Agency

With this Anti-Agency approach, Overdose takes a technology-agnostic approach and immerses themselves in their relationships with clients – one team, motivated by common goals and shared success.

Since their founding in 2016, Overdose has built a full-suite digital-commerce agency, with capability to deliver across the full functional needs of high-performing digital programs, including strategy, experience, technology, marketing, search, and data. Their teams are led by industry experts, and the Overdose client success process ensures clients have unfettered access to talent through their distributed retainer model. The global Overdose team has deep expertise in core commerce platforms. They are leading partners with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), Shopify Plus/Shopify, BigCommerce, commercetools, and Shopware; and they are at the forefront of the Headless/Composable commerce movement. They service clients globally through offices in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Vienna, Berlin, Singapore, and Ukraine.

“We’ve had a long-standing global partnership with Searchspring. An industry leader in the ecommerce product discovery space, Searchspring has been an instrumental part of many of our clients’ successes.”

-Andrew Potkewitz (Director, Global Partnerships & Marketing)

Drive Confident Purchasing Decisions

The Overdose approach is executed across all teams, from full-site and systems implementations, through to SEO and Digital Marketing initiatives. This perpetual flow, executed through considered, research-driven, results-oriented thinking, has evolved to accelerate business growth.

Built on an iterative approach backed up by actionable, data-driven insights, Overdose doesn’t sell solutions – they produce business outcomes.

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