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Partner Spotlight: Matter.

Matter Design & Digital, “Matter.”, is a Sydney-based ecommerce consultancy built with a culture of innovation and excellence. Founded in 2003 by CEO Nigel Poole, Matter offers a cohesive suite of services including ecommerce strategy, branding, marketing, design, and development. 

Matter has established itself as a global leader for delivering ecommerce systems that are recognized for quality design and technical execution underpinned by innovative strategy. 

Matter and Searchspring

“Our mission is to create new and better ways to deliver customer experience. Searchspring plays a critical role in our ecommerce systems, allowing us to shortcut the user to the products they want. We build fast-loading, content-rich ecommerce experiences. Searchspring has the tech to deliver on performance, as well as to enable advanced search, merchandising, and recommendation features.”
– Nigel Poole, CEO, Matter.

One mutual customer that Matter and Searchspring have worked with, alongside BigCommerce, is THE UPSIDE

Products are beautifully presented on THE UPSIDE’s new website with high-quality product and campaign photography, and video media in product galleries to give the customer an appreciation for the products’ colour, texture, stretch, and drape. Searchspring delivers immersive content to the frontend giving the user an effortless customer experience and short path to purchase.

The result is a high-converting website, and a platform for building the brand across multiple markets globally.

“Commercially, outcomes following deployment have exceeded our expectation. We like the site, but most importantly our customers are telling us both via feedback and through outcomes, that they do too,” says Paul Burdekin, CEO of THE UPSIDE.

Recent projects and awards

In 2020, Matter was named BigCommerce Agency of the Year (APAC), as well as Searchspring New BigCommerce Agency of the Year (Global). Some of their recently completed projects include: