Partner Spotlight: Emotive

Emotive is on a mission to humanize ecommerce marketing. Since 2018, Emotive has enabled marketers to scale the human touch through two-way conversations. Their solution helps drive accelerated ROI with personalized messaging that connects brands and customers. Through automation, brands can recover abandoned carts, announce product releases, and turn buyers into subscribers.


  • Personalized Two-way Conversations
  • Automated Solutions
  • Comprehensive Analytics

The partnership between Emotive and Searchspring allows ecommerce brands to amplify personalized experiences while driving conversions. Searchspring gets granular with brands’ data, so retailers can get the information that matters most; which products are the most engaging. With Emotive, brands can use search data from Searchspring to curate personalized campaigns that focus on their best products.

Why Emotive?

  • Personalized experiences that drive conversions: Emotive’s solution enables you to talk with (not at) your customers, with two-way conversations.
  • Let your list build itself: their sign-up forms have all the tools you need to convert web traffic into subscribers, so you can grow your list faster than you imagined.
  • Recover lost sales: Each brand has different needs and they take that into consideration, helping you leverage the power of SMS to get every customer across the finish line.
  • Ensuring success for every brand: Emotive provides a level of resources and support unparalleled in the industry. Its customer success team, copywriters, and shopping experts ensure your brand can quickly scale your revenue from SMS marketing.
  • A full suite of integrations: Because they don’t want to change the way you work – they want to improve it – Emotive makes it easy to connect their solution to the tech you’re already using.

“Partnering with Searchspring means we can help merchants better understand what shoppers are looking for and lead them to it,” says Matt Marshall, SVP of Global Sales at Emotive. “By merging Searchspring data with Emotive’s personalized segments and experiences, businesses can turn text conversations into revenue.”

Interested in learning more about Emotive? Please reach out to Samuel Asnault

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