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Class of 2020: You Did It

Deliah photo
By Deliah Mathieu

The results are in, and as expected Searchspring customers saw explosive growth in 2020 across the board. Online retail continues to set new year-over-year records, with Searchspring customers generating over $72B in total revenue (yup, you read that right), while average transactions went up 342% over 2019.

Home & Gardening, Health & Fitness, and Hardware & Home Improvement were some of the industries that benefitted from this record-setting year, as the world shifted priorities and consumer investment in health, well-being and all things cozy became imminent. Breakout trends included the increase in Curbside Pickup and Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), and a rise in mobile traffic, and gift card purchasing.

Make sure to check out the infographic below for key stats and takeaways from 2020 and industry trends predictions for 2021.

Now without further ado…Class of 2020, Congratulations: You Did It 🎓