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Amplify Your Merchandising with Ecommerce Reviews

Ecommerce reviews are a powerful tool for improving the online shopping experience. Featuring first-hand customer feedback on your store can both increase conversions and decrease return rates, especially when 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Ecommerce reviews also present an additional opportunity that many online retailers often overlook: their potential to complement and integrate with your online merchandising strategy.

Some review-based merchandising tactics that retailers should consider include:

  • Giving shoppers the ability to sort product results from high-low review ratings
  • Enabling shoppers to filter products based on a minimum review score
  • Boosting products with high ratings so they appear closer to the top of search and category pages
  • Adding badges to top-rated products on Product Listing Pages (PLPs), in the same way you might for best sellers or new arrivals

Searchspring partners with leading solution providers like TrustPilot to help online retailers make the most of ecommerce reviews as part of their merchandising strategy. Read on for examples from two of our shared customers!

Two Way Direct

Two Way Direct is a leading wireless communications company that offers complete two-way radio product solutions, professional services, reliable connectivity, and customer support. Their goal is to make ordering communication devices simple for their customers. They are trusted by businesses and first responders throughout the U.S.

Two Way Direct first came to Searchspring because they were looking for a search solution that would make it easier for customers to find the specific products they were looking for. “We carry thousands of products on our site, and ensuring our users can find the right results is our top priority,” says Sandra Abarca, Director of Marketing at Two Way Direct.

Part of this strategy involves giving shoppers the ability to sort search results based on product ratings, as well as offering features like autocomplete and search redirects.

ecommerce reviews merchandising

“Searchspring allows us to tailor the search results to provide the best outcomes for the customer. We would definitely recommend utilizing redirects to improve the shopper experience,” says Sandra.

In 2020, Two Way Direct’s site search generated impressive returns for the business, including:

  • 4.5x higher conversion rate with search
  • 6x higher revenue per visit with search
  • 25% of online revenue attributed to search

TrustPilot is used on the Two Way Direct site to collect ecommerce reviews, with over 1,700 invitations sent to customers in 2020. Their average product star rating is 4.1 out of 5, and their TrustBox review widget had over 37,000 impressions last year.

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ClearBags has been in business for 26 years, and offers a range of over 5,000 flexible packaging products. The business supplies packaging solutions to a wide range of industries and customers, including photographers, artists, crafters, healthcare specialists, procurement professionals, and retail businesses large and small.  

ClearBags implemented TrustPilot in 2016, followed by Searchspring three years later. The team uses Trustpilot to engage customers, capture reviews, and promote trust by actively displaying reviews on their site. With Searchspring, shoppers have the ability to sort products by review rating, while search synonyms and merchandising rules are set up to further enhance the shopping experience.  

“Searchspring has allowed us to reduce friction in the online shopping experience and thus build customer trust,” says Brian Beller, Digital Marketing Manager at ClearBags. “It delivers reliable results, tailored customer experiences, and reports to help guide you through it all. In a matter of seconds, you can update what the customer experiences and change outcomes.”

The ClearBags store has had almost 200 referrals from TrustPilot in the last year, with over 4,000 profile views. The site is ranked in first place on TrustPilot’s Party Store, and sits in third position out of 26 for Packing Supplies. With an average product star rating of 4.8, their TrustBox widget had over 100,000 impressions in 2020.

ecommerce reviews

Site search has also contributed directly to the business’s bottom line, with shoppers who used search spending over 5x more per visit and converting at 4x higher rates last year. 

Incorporate ecommerce reviews in your merchandising for a better shopping experience

In an increasingly-crowded ecommerce landscape, it’s more important than ever for retailers to inspire trust and confidence in online purchasing decisions. Ecommerce reviews can help eliminate customer concerns, address common questions, and reassure shoppers that the product they’re considering will meet their needs. By incorporating reviews in your merchandising strategy, you can quickly and easily get more of your top-rated products in front of shoppers, and ultimately drive more conversions. 

Want to learn more about how you can get the right products in front of the right shoppers at the right time? Check out this in-depth guide for more merchandising tips!