5 Ways Searchspring Provides Actionable Data

Consumer data is flooding online retailers. As the use of Mobile devices, social media, and micro marketing continue to reshape the landscape for ecommerce organizations, successful merchants apply omni channel practices to streamline the experience. Shoppers want to be catered to personally, with relevant information and timely intuition.
Big data is here, but breaking it down to actionable insights can be a real challenge. Finding tools that can elevate actionable data and reduce research workload is key to keeping up with consumer demands. For merchants, marketing data and merchandising data should be in lock-step with one another – the beginning of the omni channel framework.

Our Current Customers are Capable of Using Our Software To:

1. Scale Pay-per-click and SEO Efforts

Using IntelliSuggest, Searchspring gathers shopper interactions and keyword data, creating an automated merchandising tool. Savvy merchants utilize the keyword reports, product landing pages, and inventory performance to dial-in highly relevant inbound marketing campaigns.

2. Develop Synonym Directory

We gather all keywords used to find products on-site and report the results. Retailers use this information to optimize product display and site search agility. Synonyms are great for creating inbound marketing campaigns with pay-per-click or SEO as well, identifying additional revenue streams in the keyword portfolio. Our Automated SEO works independently and creates product landing pages for you, based on real-time keyword activity.

3. Identify Inventory Opportunity

Searchspring’s advanced reporting identifies products or brands customers are looking for that are not currently available. Using this report clients are able to redirect traffic to a similar brand or product to eliminate failed results. Alternatively, if demand is high enough merchants can also expand inventory to meet customer demand.

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