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Search Autocomplete Predicts What Shoppers are Searching For and Delivers Fast, Relevant Results
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Searchspring’s Search Autocomplete is that helpful list of suggestions that appears instantly while typing in the search box (you know what we’re talking about!) Autocomplete surfaces the most relevant search term predictions to your shoppers.

Suggestions are so quick and relevant, they make shoppers say, ““whoa – I found what I needed before I finished typing”.

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“Making the switch to Searchspring was a great move for our business. The proof is in the numbers. We saw immediate results and we’ve been able to continue fine-tuning and improving our shopping experience ever since.”

– Brian Greenspan, COO, Inmod
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How Does Search Autocomplete Work?

It Starts With a Lot of Love

We’ve put a lot of love into how Autocomplete creates the best experience for shoppers. From a high-level view, it can all be broken down into these steps: 

Autocomplete Chart: Shopper Search Query –> Term Check and Spell Correction –> Find Popular and Product Suggestions –> Display to User 
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In the blink of an eye, Searchspring performs several calculations when the shopper enters a new character into search. We check for terms in the product data, run spell correction if needed, and check the shopper’s query against our massive list of popular search terms and your product data to create the most relevant search suggestions possible.

All of this happens before the Autocomplete even pops up. In most cases, we also do a micro search for the top suggested search to show a preview of its results. After hitting “Enter”, Autocomplete goes to a normal search results page.

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