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Is Your Website Search Functionality Helping or Hindering the Shopping Experience?

Your success as an online retailer all comes down to the shopping experience. Help customers quickly find what they want, and you’ll turn browsers into buyers. Complicate the buying journey, and they’re a click away from competitors.

Your shoppers expect seamless shopping experiences. Their needs are always evolving, and your website search functionality must keep pace.

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How Website Search Can Boost Conversion, AOV, and CLV.

An intelligent website search solution makes it easy for shoppers to find what they love and get to the checkout faster. Customers using on-site search are more likely to convert, increase their spend, and keep returning.

The Impact of Delivering Outstanding Website Search Experiences

Shoppers using site search are
More likely to convert
Than those not using website search

Online retailers are driving
More revenue
From search-driven buying journeys

Consumers are
More likely to purchase
When the online experience is personalised

Make the On-Site Search Experience Your Competitive Advantage

There’s nothing more frustrating than searching… and searching… and searching some more to find what you want.

Give customers the shopping experience they deserve. Anticipate their needs, help them find their perfect products effortlessly, and get them to the checkout faster.

To seriously boost conversion, average order value (AOV), and customer lifetime value (CLV), start with the on-site search experience.

Deliver a Website Search Experience that Converts

Just like an in-store rep, Searchspring listens, learns, and serves your customers the right products at the right time.

Built specifically for ecommerce, Searchspring’s intelligent search algorithms and AI-learning models understand and adapt to your shopper’s behaviour, serve the ideal items, and boost conversion.

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What Real Searchspring Customers Are Saying

Searchspring helps us optimize our customer experience on-site primarily via the easy-to-use and algorithmic merchandising tools. The icing on the cake is their first-class team, who are constantly working through solutions with us, ready to support, and possess the ability to change code around our complex data needs.

Great communication with the Search Spring team, always there to help when we need them and happy to troubleshoot any issues we have. Also very proactive in helping get new initiatives off the ground and finding solutions to any on-site issues.

The tool offers great features, and the user interface is easy to use.

Excellent support by our customer success manager Jacinda Delaney. She is amazing and always super helpful. Very proactive and trying to get the best out of the tool for our websites.

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How Our Website Search Works

  1. Website Search with Autocomplete

    Anticipate your shoppers’ needs the moment they start typing. Searchspring’s website search with autocomplete uses intelligent search functionality to show shoppers what they want. Tailored lists of suggested matches adapt as shoppers continue typing, aiding product discovery and elevating the shopping experience.
  2. Intelligent Search Results

    Searchspring’s intelligent search observes customer behaviours to know what they want. As a result, the right products appear at the top of search results pages - right in the line of sight. AI learning adapts to what shoppers like or don’t like, constantly refining what they see in search results pages.
  3. Fantastic Faceted Search

    Get your shoppers to the checkout faster. Faceted search enables customers to use multiple advanced filters to refine their product search results. Particularly for online retailers with large catalogues, faceted search makes the product discovery journey one that shoppers love embarking on.
  4. Product Search Insights

    Searchspring takes the hard work out of knowing your customer intent, interests, and product search trends. Our intuitive dashboards reveal what shoppers are looking for, what they’re buying, and the most valuable products being purchased. Uncover opportunities to refine faceted search options and continually improve your shoppers’ on-site search experience with product search insights.
  5. Smart Search to Increase AOV and CLV

    A personalised, smart search experience is proven to lift AOV. When shoppers enjoy the journey, they’re also more likely to return and re-convert, increasing your CLV. Help your shoppers find what they need, convert faster, and be incentivised to come back, knowing they’ll have an outstanding on-site search experience.

The Award-Winning Website Search Solution

Searchspring’s rapid growth in the APAC region has been a testament to the strength of the outstanding team and technology that supports our customers.

The APAC team has been thrilled to be recognised with several high-profile ecommerce industry awards – and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.




  • VIP – Best Holistic Customer Experience 2023
  • NORA – Ecommerce Platform of the Year 2022
  • NORA – Best Merchandising Solution 2021
  • BigCommerce APAC Partner – Best User Experience 2022
  • BigCommerce APAC Partner – Awards Customer Growth 2022


“For us, the power of Searchspring is its ability to read between the lines, understand our shoppers’ intent, and use smart logic to help customers discover products they’ll love. The platform also helps us make informed decisions, removing the guesswork from what we think shoppers want and showing us what they really love.”

– Alicia Davis, Digital Project Specialist

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