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How do you adapt your ecommerce marketing strategy to a pandemic?

ecommerce marketing strategy

If you’re an online retailer, your ecommerce marketing strategy will undoubtedly have changed as a result of COVID-19. From stock levels to fulfillment issues, the new challenges have spanned most aspects of business. But one crucial factor that often gets overlooked is your messaging and campaigns.

It’s hard to maintain consistent messaging when the context for that messaging is continuously evolving. World events have likely thrown your ecommerce marketing strategy into chaos recently, and there is no playbook for how to respond.

What was news yesterday could be irrelevant today. The campaign you had planned for next month may no longer be appropriate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t react and adapt – you could be overlooking opportunities to position your products in ways you hadn’t previously considered.

Download this ebook to learn how to adapt your messaging and campaigns by:

  • Providing helpful resources and suggestions
  • Curating timely landing pages
  • Creating new collections
  • Displaying messaging in a way that resonates

Download the ebook for 4 tactics to adapt messaging and campaigns

4 tactics to adapt your ecommerce marketing strategy, messaging, and campaigns

It may not be possible to plan long-term messaging or campaigns right now, but there are steps you can take to refresh and reinforce your positioning in the short term. Once you determine what that position is, the hardest part is done.

Draw attention to helpful resources, get creative with your landing pages, and ensure your communication is consistent and accessible at every touchpoint. Rule-based merchandising is invaluable when it comes to reacting quickly and making sweeping changes in just a few clicks.

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