What is the SearchSpring “Lite” integration, and is it right for you?

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Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, and we work hard to accommodate their uniqueness in whatever ways we can. That’s why, we have a new option for customers coming aboard in 2019.

While in the past, we have customized our integration to match the existing design and functionality of each customer’s website, some have told us that this process was unnecessary for them, or that they wanted to forego it in order to get SearchSpring onto their site more quickly. Using templates, SearchSpring’s Lite integration option allows us to do just that!

integration types

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the two integration types:

With custom integrations, we take time to dig through your code, and replace a large part of it with our own. The end result is that your site looks and works exactly like it did before, but now with enhanced SearchSpring functionality. Look here for a technical breakdown of how this is done.

With our Lite integrations, we use our own templates instead of extracting and replacing your code. Since that process is tedious, this saves us a lot of time, allowing us to get running on your store much more quickly.

Which option should you choose?

Deciding which option is best for you is simple. If you’re not worried about matching look and feel, the Lite integration would be a good option. This is also a good fit if time and budget are restrictive.

which option is best for you

If you want the best possible SearchSpring integration out of the gate, the custom integration is the one for you.

What exactly is and is not supported in each version?

what features are supported in each version

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