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Transform Site Search Data into SEO Gold

Written by: Kyle Wilson

Article // March 14, 2012

Upgrading eCommerce site search and site navigation embodies the capabilities to improve more than just conversion rates and average order values.

With Searchspring’s advanced administration panel and automated reporting system processing and dispersing site search data into easy to read reports, making sense of data becomes more simplistic. To compliment our primary goal of boosting conversions, the data we provide to clients helps paint a very clear picture as to why customers are shopping at a particular site, identifies the most relevant keywords to optimize through paid SEO, and recognizes changes in customer preferences.

Collecting and Processing Data:

Searchspring’s administration panel provides real time reporting of popular searches, popular keywords, and conversion rates associated with each search query. This information not only defines the existence of an eCommerce site but also delivers a direct message from customers as to why they are visiting.

Utilize this information and target customers performing similar searches off site. Optimizing the most popular and highest converting keywords more effectively targets customers with a higher opportunity to interact and increases results of paid SEO campaigns.

Automated Organic SEO:

Searchspring services automatically build unique landing pages for our clients most popular search terms to generate additional content for search engine spiders to crawl and index. This feature serves a great benefit to organic SEO, but the usefulness of this data can be much greater. The market of potential customers searching for the same keyword, brand name, or long tailed query or is so much-more vast off site.

Apply Search Data to Paid SEO:

To make better use of this data apply a paid SEO strategy to target customers who are searching these terms within Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Run a fresh report weekly or monthly to monitor changing trends related to popular search terms. Customer preferences constantly evolve and many organizations fail to realize this change. Through constant monitoring of changes to popular searches and keywords our clients can avoid a paid SEO misfire. If the sites products sell based on seasonality weekly reports may serve a paid SEO campaign with the better results.

Increased Finability and Customer Knowledge

As collection of data and disbursement of reports become available as a result of upgrading a sites search and navigation capabilities, the ramifications of doing so can not only lead to improved site functionality, but also provide organizations with an road map to achieve a competitive advantage by utilizing the tools made available as a result of upgrading.

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Searchspring boosts personalization engine with 4-Tell acquisition. Click here for more details!