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February 2019

Adam Witt
By Adam Witt

February 2019

Full Momentum on Spelling Correction

Early testing on our brand new automatic spelling correction is well underway, and excellent progress is being made. Every day we are making it smarter, tracking more data for insights, improving reliability, and making it ready for all of our merchants to use. We are currently aiming for an early Q2 release for the final product.

To outline how it works and how it will help your shoppers:

  1. We correct the misspelling within Autocomplete.


  2. Hitting “Enter” in Autocomplete takes the shopper to the top suggestion.

    The shopper has the opportunity to search for what they had actually typed on the search results page:
    spell correct

  3. The shopper now avoids zero results:

    no results found

More Autocomplete Suggestions

more autocomplete suggestions

You can now unlock the ability to show even more search suggestions and/or suggested products in AutoComplete! Previously, the limit was that only 4 could be shown. Please reach out to your customer success representative if you’re interested in seeing what your options are.








Better Data Acquisition for BigCommerce and Shopify

Better data acquisition for bigcommerce and shopify

We have completely rebuilt the way we are getting your data from BigCommerce sites, resulting in much faster, more reliable, and more secure data acquisition. The new system is built using BigCommerce’s secure OAuth connections, and uses the more efficient BigCommerce v3 API. So far, we have seen speed improvements between 5-10x faster than before.

Shopify sites are also getting some love, as we have made strides to improve data fetching there as well! We have optimized how we fetch data when a site is using Shopify’s meta fields, and have seen data acquisition improvements of around 5x faster, up to 11x at its best.



Boosting on Search For All

boosting on search

All of our customers using our newest search platform (We affectionately refer to it as “Saluki”) now have the newest search algorithm that allows them to use product boosting rules on any search page! This includes the majority of Searchspring sites – if you have questions on boost rules or if you don’t see them in the management console, feel free to reach out to the customer success team for more information. 





More Robust Indexing

more robust indexing

The process by which we analyze and index your store’s data for optimized searching has been greatly improved. We are always working to catch and intelligently handle more errors, automatically retry on temporary failures, and have better data management in general. 






39 Bugs Squashed

  • 12 Management Console
  • 7 Indexing
  • 5 Data Acquisition
  • 3 AutoComplete
  • 1 Product Recommendations
  • 1 Search