SearchSpring Delivers Product Boosting Rules for Category Pages

Trevor Legwinski

March 6, 2017


March 6, 2017 – Today, SearchSpring, a leading site search and merchandising platform, announces the addition of product boosting rules as part of their Relevancy PlatformTM, which provides merchandisers with ultimate control over how products are displayed across category navigation pages. Featuring a new, easy-to-use interface, these rules enable merchandisers to directly control the ordering of category and subcategory page results, helping curate product listings into high-performing, revenue-generating pages.


“Improved merchandising through features like product boosting is a natural complement to our core eCommerce search capabilities,” says Gareth Dismore, CEO and co-founder, SearchSpring. “Once you deliver the most relevant search results to customers, the next step is to strategically list products, highlighting those with the highest profit potential and strongest likelihood of conversion.”

Product boosting dramatically changes the way merchandisers manage product listings on category pages. Merchandisers can deploy rules that automatically list products according to various key performance indicators (KPIs), including impression-to-conversion, click-through and unique transaction rates.

Product boosting utilizes SearchSpring’s Relevancy Engine, which leverages machine learning (understanding product views, clicks, add to carts, purchases, and other key metrics across the entire web) to optimize product listings for the top-selling items. Product boosting rules can also be configured to highlight in-stock items first, followed by new products, or specific brands. Rules can be created globally, as well as at the per-page level.

Product boosting yields several benefits for eCommerce site operations, including:

  • Improve merchandising consistency across various iterations of sites, including desktop and mobile, and international versions.
  • Continually optimize product listings based on real-time behavioral patterns.
  • Save time for customers by displaying the most relevant, useful product options first.
  • Enable more rapid, efficient bulk merchandising; launch and merchandise new products faster.
  • Replace manual merchandising tasks with an automated system, which reduces errors.

“Product boosting aligns well with SearchSpring’s mission to help eCommerce sites maximize their revenue-generating power,” says Trevor Legwinski, Chief Strategy Officer, SearchSpring. “The key is bringing a greater degree of intelligence and automation to core site functions. We’ve done this with our intuitive, intelligent search capabilities, and we’re pleased to now extend this into the merchandising realm.”

About SearchSpring

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