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The Cyber Week Winners of 2020


The Cyber Week Winners of 2020

ecommerce merchandising show host

Hosted By:

JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing


We wanna start off by saying congrats to all of you for making it through the most stressful time of the year for ecommerce merchandisers everywhere. Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales are basically like the Super Bowl of ecommerce.

One of the trends everyone’s talking about this year is an extended promotions calendar. For some, it felt like the holidays started in October. Then, Black Friday lasted all of November for some sites. And Cyber Monday became Cyber Week nearly everywhere.

So in today’s episode, we’re here to talk about who won Cyber Week and the merchandising moves that made them winners. Let’s dive in.

Before we talk about the CyberWeek winners of 2020, I want to share a little bit of background on how we chose them and what we were looking for.

The team at Searchspring recently published an infographic on Black Friday & Cyber Monday by the numbers. Searchspring retailers did over 900 million on Cyber weekend! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it under resources at

The most fascinating data we uncovered shows what shoppers searched for most in 2020 vs 2019.

You can basically think of it as a list of what shoppers want most this year compared to last.

Here’s what we found.

  1. Fashion turns warm and cozy. People are searching for leggings, robes, blankets and sweaters at 2-3x rate as they did last year.
  2. Vacations move outdoors. The search for camping increases three-fold.
  3. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The search for Christmas items has doubled.

To determine who won Cyber Week, we looked at the most desired searches of the year (what shoppers want most), and asked who merchandised best in each category (who’s selling it best).

Our categories were

  • Cozy Comfort.
  • Camping Crusaders.
  • Christmas Champs!

Up first? for Cozy Comfort.

Here’s why.

To help shoppers cut through the noise,

Bonobos added Cyber Specials and Gifts to their top level navigation. They even put a little gift box emoji in front of Cyber Specials to really help it pop in the navigation and remind shoppers again that now is the time to buy gifts.

They added Cyber Monday Special Badges to sales items that matched the look and feel of their brand.

But what stood out to us the most about Bonobos was their take on the Holiday Gift Guide.

Most retailers use this as a chance to take site visitors to a curated landing page that pushes all the items you want shoppers to see.

Bonobos instead uses the increasingly popular quiz and gift finder technique that asks shoppers a few questions before offering personalized results on what to get.

To really bring this home, they merchandised an entire set of collections pages called ‘Gifts by Personality’. Personalities included Homebound Hero, Peak Dad, Luxe Lumberjack and more.

Finally once you were on their gift section, you could use the left-side filter to quickly jump to Coziest Gifts. With Cyber specials layered throughout their Product landing pages, this made Bonobos a clear winner in the cozy comfort category!

That brings us to camping crusaders! And the winner is…

For starters, they were everywhere so props to their marketing team and the incredible BOGO deal that hooked in so many.

So what did they do right?

Instead of calling it Cyber Week like everyone else, they labelled the sale ‘Cyber Monday Extended’. This is like the online equivalent of getting into the store right before it closes. What shopper doesn’t want to feel that relief like they just caught a break when they visit your site?

However, Solo Stove also smartly added a Global Countdown Timer across it’s website, indicating this promotion as their biggest sale of the year. Doing so really helps to create a sense of urgency for shoppers and lets them know that they don’t want to miss these deals.

Finally, we have to applaud their homepage. The headline copy reads “Moments that matter” and the visual collateral is absolutely stunning. In a year as crazy as this one has been, it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling to see people gathered around campfires and laughing, making s’mores and smiling, all with solo stove products of course.

To give it that final oomph of authenticity, they even have a grid of user generated content #solostove, so visitors can see the products in action by real customers. Our hats off to Solo stove, the camping crusaders of 2020.

Last but not least, our Christmas Champs award went to Williams Sonoma.

So when it comes to Cyber Week, again, like Bonobos, Williams Sonoma made their Sales available straight from the top level navigation bar. Sales is written in an urgent red color that certainly fits the season.

Once site visitors clicked on Sale, they were shown an easy drop down split column that let you quickly shop by deal or by category. And if that was too much, a huge

clickable red image with shiny silver text read “Cyber Week Deals” so that you could shop the entire sale!

Finally, when it comes to being Christmas Champs, their product images truly had us in the holiday spirit, craving all the peppermint bark and homemade dutch-oven meals. But when it comes to merchandising, they’ve made smart use of holiday-themed banners and have a Gift of the Day featured right on their homepage.

So to close this episode on a fun note, one of the other things we found in our search data was that searches for Star Wars soared 3,277% this year compared to last thanks to The Mandalorian’s recent season 2 release. Star Wars is topping the toy wishlist for holiday gifts this year. But if you’re looking for a gift for the older Star Wars fan in your life, be sure to check out Christmas Champ winner, William Sonoma. Under gifts, they’ve got a whole category just for Star Wars with things like an R2D2 instant pot and Baby Yoda ice molds.

That’s a wrap on this week’s episode of The Ecommerce Merchandising Show presented by Searchspring. Tune in next week for new content and we’ll see you soon!

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