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Merchandising a Product Into a Lifestyle


Merchandising a Product Into a Lifestyle

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Hosted By:

JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing

Doug Blacker, Founder & CEO, PlantRise

Doug Blacker has something of an unconventional background for the CEO of an ecommerce business. In this episode of The Ecommerce Merchandising Show, he walks us through his journey from corporate lawyer to founder of PlantRise, which specializes in nutrition products and healthy living. Listen in to hear his thoughts on everything from startup life to merchandising for continued growth.

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Turning a product into a story, and a lifestyle

When you first visit the PlantRise site, you may not realize the business focuses on a single product.

Through clever merchandising, content, and design, the customer is introduced to an entire way of life that transcends the product.

“What I love to hear is that people are really incorporating PlantRise into their morning routine, it’s become a part of their life. That’s really what our brand encourages.”

Check out this week’s episode to hear how Doug approaches storytelling, brand, and continuous learning as the founder and CEO of an ecommerce store.

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