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Content Marketing for Merchandisers


Content Marketing for Merchandisers

ecommerce merchandising show host

Hosted By:

JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing

Jason Schulweis, Head of Brand Partnerships, Morning Brew

Jason Schulweis knows a thing or two about branded content. In this episode of The Ecommerce Merchandising Show, he shares some of his favorite campaigns from holidays past, and reflects on those festive marketing endeavors that completely missed the mark. And, thanks to his work at Retail Brew, he has the inside track on ecommerce trends and predictions for this most unusual holiday season.

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From story, to community, to conversion

* This episode previously aired as part of Searchspring’s Ecommerce Holiday Countdown in September 2020.

Merchandising means so much more than product display and arrangement. It should embody your brand and tell a story.

What better way to complement that than through branded content and content marketing?

Jason Schulweis outlines how ecommerce retailers can create compelling story arcs to introduce their brand to entirely new audiences in a real and authentic way. And, with a narrative established and community built, retailers can reap the rewards in the form of conversions.

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