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Unlocking the Power of Multi-channel Retail: Meet Up

Join us in The Cinema Room where we'll delve into the secrets of maximizing sales across the multi-channel retail landscape

About This Event

🗓️ October 12th, 2023

📍New York, NY

Soho House New York

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Text: Unlocking the Power of Multi-channel Retail: Meet Up

Hosted by BigCommerce

Join us for an immersive event designed exclusively for retailers seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern commerce. Discover how to harness the transformative potential of technology across all channels of your business, including in-store retail, direct-to-consumer e-commerce, as well as social, search, and marketplaces. Gain actionable insights and strategies to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and maximize profitability.

Event Highlights:

✔️ Expert Insights: Learn directly from industry-leading experts who have successfully implemented technology-driven strategies across diverse retail channels. Gain practical knowledge and best practices to optimize your business in the digital era.
✔️ Comprehensive Channel Analysis: Understand the unique dynamics and challenges of each retail channel, from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce platforms, social media, search engines, and marketplaces. Discover how technology can be leveraged to amplify your presence and drive sales in each channel.
✔️ Customer-Centric Approach: Explore strategies to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints. From personalized recommendations to seamless omnichannel shopping journeys, discover how technology can help you build lasting customer relationships and drive brand loyalty.
✔️ Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow retailers, technology providers, and industry experts. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships that can accelerate your business growth.
✔️ Future Trends and Innovations: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into emerging technologies and trends shaping the retail landscape. Gain a competitive edge by understanding how artificial intelligence, augmented reality, voice commerce, and other innovations can revolutionize your business.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your retail strategy and thrive in the digital age. Join us at Unlocking the Power of Omnichannel Retail and unlock the full potential of technology across all channels of your business.

Secure your spot now and be prepared to revolutionize your retail operations!


Text: Unlocking the Power of Multi-channel Retail: Meet Up