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Merchandising for DTC Growth

ecommerce merchandising show host

Hosted By:

JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing

Charles Alonzo, VP of Merchandising, Schumacher

From luxury garment brands like Victoria’s Secret and Tommy John’s to luxe interior retailers like Schumacher, Charles knows what it takes to achieve top line sales and DTC growth. But his path to becoming a career merchandiser was never linear. Here’s how he went from U.S. Air Force Officer to a VP of Merchandising with a proven track record of success.

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How do you break into an industry you’ve never worked in before?

Hard work, curiosity and collaboration.

Fashion and apparel isn’t just competitive for merchants. It’s competitive for professionals too. To be taken seriously, you have to prove yourself, which is exactly what Charles Alonzo did.

In this episode, we spoke with Charles, Alonzo, VP of Merchandising at Schumacher who got his intro to retail at Victoria’s Secret working in design operations. Working his way up to Director of Merchandising, he describes his days there as a masterclass in merchandising.

Taking that knowledge to Tommy John, he was able to help the business launch their women’s line and grow into entirely new product categories.

Now switching into an entirely new industry vertical, we learned from Charles what it takes to make merchandising a force to be reckoned with no matter the stage you’re at in your career.

Highlights Worth Hearing


A masterclass in merchandising


DTC Growth: New customers and new products


Merchandising for any company at any stage


Debunking the analysis paralysis myth


What merchandisers can’t forget about conversions

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!