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Merchandising: Discipline and Data

ecommerce merchandising show host

Hosted By:

JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing

Allison Lau, Site Merchandiser, Clarks

Allison Lau first discovered a love for merchandising back in the days of Myspace! Now a site merchandiser for the shoe company Clarks, Allison talked to us about how this 195-year old brand approaches ecommerce. She also shared the secrets to her success in the field: consistent performance tracking and real life customer intel that make for a world-class data-driven technique.

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Be the last place where people are shopping.

The truth is people are not loyal anymore when they’re shopping around. With 40% of respondents indicating purchases from new retailers and brands during shutdown, why not give the people what they want?

“What we can do is try to market it a little bit better, merchandise it a little bit better.”

Allison Lau reminds us that there are so many details that you want to make sure you’re looking at. With so many competitors out there who could be doing better than you, you have to be bringing your a-game in ecommerce right now.

Check out this week’s episode to understand how data and discipline in merchandising can make this possible.

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Highlights Worth Hearing


Merchandising since Myspace


How this 195-year old brand stays fresh


Do people really want what your selling?


What consistent performance tracking looks like


User-generated content, customers, and conversions

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!