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How Searchspring is responding to COVID-19 and our commitment to our customers

Written by: Peter Messana - CEO

Article // March 13, 2020

As the CEO of Searchspring, I want to share what Searchspring is doing to respond to COVID-19. Whether you’re using Searchspring already, or are considering Searchspring to provide you with more merchandising insight during this time, we want you to know that Searchspring has comprehensive plans in place to ensure we stay up and running.

First and foremost, the safety and wellbeing of our team members, partners, customers, and communities are top of mind. We have been closely monitoring the situation, like many of you, and have taken pre-emptive measures to address and prepare for the rapidly evolving situation.

There are currently two key considerations among our team members and customers that we would like to address: How will Searchspring stay up and running? How will Searchspring support my business through this time? 

How will Searchspring stay up and running?

Searchspring is made up of 5 offices across the U.S., Canada, and Poland, in addition to a cohort of distributed employees. Because of this, our processes and procedures already support a strong distributed working environment. 

Starting Monday, our teams in all locations will work under a voluntary work-from-home through at least March 30th. Searchspring has a long-established work-from-home policy which means all of our team members are fully equipped to conduct work remotely. We are able to make this change with no disruption to the business.

We are committed to decisively adapting to the situation and to the direction of the CDC and local governments to ensure the safety of our team members and their communities.

Can Searchspring support the fluctuations my business is experiencing?

As a Searchspring customer, you will experience no disruption to the level of customer success and support you are accustomed to. In fact, we have been expanding our customer success team since the beginning of the year to support your continued growth.

Understanding that many of you are experiencing spikes in demand as more consumers shop from home, we have proactively scaled infrastructure to support fluctuating traffic. Having built the Searchspring platform to address the inherent volatility around the cyber weekend and promotional peaks in demand, we are fully equipped to handle any unforeseen lift you may experience.

We want to offer you, your team members, and your families our encouragement during this time. If there is anything we can do, or if you have questions about our policies, please reach out!

Take care,

Peter Messana, CEO, Searchspring

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Searchspring has merged with Nextopia!!! Click here for all the details!