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What the Heck is Headless Commerce? Ebook

What the Heck is Headless Commerce? Is “Headless” a Just Buzzword or is it the Future of Ecommerce? This Ebook Helps Break it Down.

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What the heck is Headless Commerce? Is it just a confusing buzzword? Or is it the future of ecommerce as we know it? The good news is, it’s not as scary as it sounds and we’re here to help break it down for you in the What the Heck is Headless Commerce Ebook.

Headless ecommerce is a type of application programming interface (API) that separates back-end technology from the front-end experience on an online store.

If you’re not a developer or engineer, that is probably meaningless to you. However, headless is a powerful tool that enables online merchants to be more flexible and have more control over their sites.

It seems like a lot to unpack, but we promise not to scare you away with headless developers and engineers. We’ll just go over the basics and how to use headless to your advantage.

Headless Commerce Topics Covered:

  • What is Headless?
  • Why is it Useful?
  • Exploring the Benefits
  • Exploring the Drawbacks
  • Getting Started With Headless
  • Headless Commerce and the Shopper Experience
  • Take Control of Your Online Store

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